I am from the Do or Die... Never Ran. Never Will. (Unless of course... they shootin') Easy!"
July 19, 2005
Days Like This....
My Recipe for A Rainy Day like This is: 4 ears to listen to the soft rain pour 1 Plush Lovechair to sit in
2 Chilled wine glasses
1 Jill Scott CD with 'Tell him out I feel" playing 2 Strong Arms to cuddle in 1 Deep Sexy Voice Stirr ingredients to taste. And repeat if necess.
Optional: And if you can't not execute this in person, call him on the phone, and share this recipe. He loved it!
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July 18, 2005
Just met a physically and slightly mentally challenged little girl, who has the most beautiful of personalities, charm and a wonder smile.
Not to mention she was HAPPY, full with glee.
Since she was born that way, she knew not of her incapabilities like a person who has lost their mobility due to a traumatic experience, in a weird way I guess she was speared from that kind of tribulation. Instead, she welcomed all the things she was still able to do, and she eagerly talked about going on the swings, when she got home.
How many of us out there are able to swing, and then some,
but go home and sulk about how sorry our lives are instead?
Talk about considering your possiblities!! She just served as a wonderful reminder of all that I am capable of doing. Thank you Creator, I got your message. Sincerely, Loving Me (Still).
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July 17, 2005
My Secret's Out
Today my options were either grandma undies, the hamper, or to go Commando or Rambo....one of them action figures...lol that mean "No Undies"...Lol.
As free as I am, that's just a lil too too free for me, not to mention all I would be thinking about is gusty wind and dust... Not a very comforting thought.
Now if you read my disclaimer, I do not mention that I DONT HAVE clean undies, those would be the whole LOT of grandma panties in my arsenal. Keep it mind my grandma undies were once sexy undies gone bad (meaning stretched out city, I know many ladies know those kind, rubber band style undies LOL).
So back to Vickies (Victoria's Secret) I go for a whole new stash of sexy.



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Hot Date, Gone Cold
Okay so, I had a lil date/hang out with a cutie, that I cancelled. What's wrong with me??? Am I really being faithful? To someone 800+ miles away...(YIKES!) Its not like me and this dude were going to a hotel or the chapel, just bowling. And I was really game, and ready to get my strike on... which might come after some spares........ but what I was not feeling was driving 40 minutes to pick dude up, only to be bringing him back. I aint gonna be able to do it.
Cute dimple, or no cute dimple. I guess I'm tied to dudes who live elsewhere, cause he's heading back to the midwest, and I'm heading back bed!
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Modern Gal Seeks Old Kind of Fashion Lovin'
I am a Modern Girl, with a old kind of fashion loving To but my man to bed, and wake him up in the morning I am the girl, with true romancing.... I am the girl, to hug and hold you tight. And wake you up in the morning. I am your modern girl... Modern Girl I am your modern girl.... REMIX. I need a modern man, with a old kind fashion loving To put me to bed at night, and wake me up in the morning. I need a guy, with true romancing. I need guy hug and squeeze me tight. He's is my modern guy. Modern Guy. He is my modern guy.
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July 15, 2005
U Gotta Luv Me, or Leave Me Alone....
All right. I'll give him another chance he's got to understand, I have no patience for the temperance of men. Pick an emotion and stick with it. Men can be the most schizophrenic of people, they literally do have compulsive disorders, and the compulsiveness either sways toward "attachment" or dissattachment" and your suppose to be patient in between. Fuck that. Who ever said love is patient, lied. And was a late bloomer. Or better yet, was not a fire sign. I am. And this ball of fire, will burn you either with charm or with the sting of her tounge. Pick one. He's lucky I like his ASS ( a lot). Lol.
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July 13, 2005
Mom always said; "....if you don't hear.......
"....you'll feel."
And that's exactly what's happening to a homie a mine. He's feeling it. Not my fault that nigga don't listen. Tried to tell, teach, from my own past (finanical heartaches). But nope. He had to do it his way. And now his way, got him heading my way for relief. Sorry. No dice. Pawn shop is closed.Go hawk your goods on down on "Ignorant Boulevard" where you been peddling that ignorance for some years now.Why do we as a people gotta be so impulsive, and hard on each other, and not pull together for the bigger picture.Wassup with that really?Every Black Solidarity Day we want off, we honor Malcom, Martin, pay homage, for 24 hours, then go back to our selfish world. Why are we not more like the Jews who truly pimp the system, or the Asians that strictly higher their own. Why is it, when we hire own, or try to help our own many of them do us dirty, shit on us, and think they can do better than us?How can we operate in totally love, while hating on one another. If the whole point of live, is to live to help others, what happened to that manual, cause we got sooooo backwards.
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Love Em
I love my New York peeps, those are my ride or die peeps, whenever shit gets too thick, or I need to clear some air, or heck just reminisce on some "fresh air days" when shit was all pleasant, and we still lived at home at momz, and the only thing we had to worry about was a damn beeper bill, or getting money for a new pair of sneaks.My peeps are there, each on has their own different flava to add to my NY mix. Whether is just for laughs, deep convo, philosophical, for silence. I always have a number to call, even the ones that I don't call often, whenever I do call, its special.Shout out to all you NYC homies..... See you at the crossroads.... you Sissies-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Going out XCLAN style!Over and out!
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July 12, 2005
Wow are we suppose to be soooo-ooooo-ooo impressed that the richest countries are meeting to discuss the most serious of Third World improvished/poverty issues???Hello should this not been on their discussion board ions ago instead of who scored under par, or made a birdie over the 38 acre golf course they tee off on.I mean who they fooling, its only cause elections are rolling around again... and MTV and BET is making more youngins aware that shit aint right in Africa and other Third World Countrie due the whole G8 robberies, in the first place.Shit aint been right, since they came in and stole all the diamonds (literally) out of the back yards of many African Villagers.... Side Thought: That must of been some kind of beautiful to wake up in the morning dew, just before the sun stretches, and see the glitter of diamonds amongst the soil in your backyards... from a night's digging in the mines.. Wow!No wonder (the REAL original) Cleopatra was draped in the finest richest, they were in her backyard... Let Elizabeth Taylor tell it, they were in hers (yeah STOLEN. Lol).... Shit aint been right, since they came in and claimed the coal, that were in the mines, belonging to this African ppl. Aint it funny, how all the resources that these big wigs made billions, excuse me trillions off of, came from Africa??? But yet the ppl of Africa live in the most inhumane of conditions. And in India, the home of the sweat shops, life is no better. What Walmart charges on a pair of sweat pants $12.99, is one week's salary over in India, for these poor sweat shop workers... aint that some shit!It really makes the heart sad. How do they sleep at night?I guess the same way many of us do, with a "tuned out" ear.... and the notion that that stuff is going on somewhere "over there...." and not in their/our own backyards...The way I see it all this "AIDE" they're going to be giving to Africa, is nothing but proceeds and profits due, from the shit they stole in the first place!!! GETTING OFF MY SOAPBOX.... (Spewing)
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July 10, 2005
Up In Here....
Yippee, one of my hoes from the my pimp stash, Oops, I meant to say... one of my bro's from my past... is officially UP IN HERE.... Love like a brotha baby.... sista too, but I needed a word to rhyme with hoe.... and to throw in "fo' sho" just seemed so country... Hey YOU know my obscure since of absurd humor. Folks would just not understand (that I don't care about folks in that regard, and their understanding, just my own). Anyhoo back to the red carpet welcome: ...She's is a beautiful spirit, who would really enjoy expressing her deep thoughts creatively through a channel like this, I'm glad she made up in here. WE GOT BACK and SIT HIGH LIKE 2 PLATFORMS BABY!!!! "WELCOME DARLING!"
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images current
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July 06, 2005
Today is One of them Days.....
When you expect shit to just breeze on through, it Don't.So I'm still going to breeze thru it anyway.....
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July 05, 2005
How Come???
Hey how come we didn't find this sh_t offensive as kids?!?!? Cartoons was pumped with so much blatant messages, its a wonder Warner Bros, is still in business, and not sued out the wazoo for such blasphme.
They were not lying when they say ignorance is bliss....
We however saw nothing but animated (proganda) fun.
Too be young and ignorant..... I tell ya In all my hood-wearing-west-indian-hairdo life, has my hair eva looked like this!!
And trust I had some horrific do's, (big plantation plaits, like a scene from the Color Purple) But never, nothing quite so offensive as the pick above?
And they didn't stop there... they kept blatant depictions going.... and alive
With such bullshit like "BUCKWHEAT." (Lil Rascal TV Show)
Albeit, buckwheat has a whole plethora of natural benefits to the body and health,
BUT (and there's always a but )
that's not how Buckwheat the character from the "L'il Rascals" got his name....
Oh no that would sound too much like nice.
Buck got his name cause...The outer shell (hull) of buckwheat is VERY HARD, and does not even soften after long hours of cooken. Funny how we're viewed, but to say is was intentional would be too "radical." And to take it a step further, check it
Buckwheat, is the darker of the wheat.
The more difficult to manage, in that the hull can be excessive and bitter unlike regular (lighter) wheat, which has a softer outside.
But does not share as many benefits or strength as buckwheat.
"If you don't know, now you know _______"
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July 04, 2005
His nickname was "Faggot"
So I'm on the phone this morning with an ex, who always takes me down memory lane, and in taking this trip down memory lane, the trip is usually a good one, but sometimes he likes to take it off the beaten path, and bring up the trips that I don't need a souvernier reminder of.But all in all, it still a worth while humorous trip, that I'd like to share with you (again, since many of you who know me well, would know whom I'm talking about, and have either heard, or lived thru this with me)Let's take it back a sec to 1988...... oh yeah, its polka dot shirts time, kwame hair do's, patent leather shoes, GAP was know as "FALL Into The Gap..." back then. And everybody is either GQ, or a "Fly Gyrrl." And here he comes a transfer to my school, with his Uptown Harlem USAG GQ self. I'll admit he had some flava too him, he knew how to get some dope sh_t, at crackhead prices, and he could dance his ass off. and yes he was a cutie, and I loved the way he licked his lips, and constantly rolled up his sleeves. (I later learned, that's was a habit of his, that he's not even aware he does). He could hold a crowd, since he was a great story teller, and had a lot of stories that kept our young ears interested..... he was like an old soul, that could dress and looked young, and he was straight funny, he would clown on you, and then flirt with you in the same breathe. And quite playful, we'd wrestless in the hallways, and jump each other, and spend hours on the phone just kicking it. Anyhoo, I made a big mistake a telling a homegirl, that I liked him but "Don't tell him" and of course, she told him. What I didn't know was that it was a mutual like. I think as soon as I found out it was mutual, I got super scared, but then my scaredness was cooled off, when I found out that nigga had a girl, then my coolness, b/c came "hot" cause I then hated his guts.That's when he started flirting big time. And I ignored his ass, every chance I got, I truly hated that phool, everytime I saw him he would say to me in the hallway "When you going let me wax that ass." I wanted to fight him. His knickname then became "faggot." That's all I could say when I would pass him in the halls, he was either called gay or he was a hoe, which made him a "gay hoe." He backed off of me for a while, as the semester was new and fresh meat came in, then I heard he broke up with his girl. Now I'm interested again, but he can't know that, I have "stink ass attitude" reputation to uphold with him, so I continue my tirade, but this time, anytime I see this nigga talking to any female, I'm bo-garding; with an attitude!I would boldly walk in between them breaking up any convo, or calling him a faggot, then when he would approach me on it, I did what I did best with him. Ignore him. I really pissed him off when he was trying to get with this one chick. Whatever!It was really hard to ignore him and like his ass at the same time, especially since we had the same extracirricular activities, which mean I saw this phool everyday. Fast forwarding to 1990, we're out of school now, our first summer of freedom before entering the next phase in education and getting drunk is upon us. Mr Faggot calls me out the blue, sounding like he already been to college, (and he has not even gotten there) and tells me he serious about us really do this. I say "ok." And hung up the phone like "OMG I go out with so-and-so now?????" Our phone convos resume as if we never stopped, we/he could talked for hours, and you'd never loose interest, I always admired that him, and the way he kisses, he would go on my "great kissers list" there's only five on there. I won't tell him what number he is.As breakup and heartaches are all part of life's "to do list." I'm glad to have known him in an intimate, way. I went away to school, and we lost contact for a lo-ong minute, but lo and behold about 3 years ago, I get an email from "class mates.com" what do you know, "the faggot is looking me up."Yeah sure, I'll accept the email.
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Who knew!?!
Okay so folks have been doing this blog this for a minute now, call me old fashion, but what a friend couldn't hear or help me process over the phone, went in a journal. Or it was worked out in sweat at the gym, or drowned in an alcholic slumber after a few cocktails.Now I've arrived.I decided to do a "personal" journal, and invite only people whom I know to read, instead of stranger who would quite share in my experience(s) with a visual picture.Or don't know the sound of my voice, or my perverse sense of humor, "outsiders" can only decipher an impression of me, friends on the other hand they know, so this is who I am extending this out to right now.Come on guys and catch a day and a glimpse of some thoughts of me. OH FIRST I GOTTA MAKE SURE, I GOT THIS SH_T SET TO FRIENDS, AND NOT PUBLIC"HOLD TIGHT!"-Marsh
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