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November 28, 2005
Everybody, Signal the Plane!
Jambo! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! Zdravstvuite.

Buon giorno! Konichiwa! Päivää! Sekoh!

Bom dia! God dag! Selamat pagi! Buna ziua!

Ba'ax ka wa'alik! Nazdar!

In other words:


Nothing to write about today, just shouting ya'll out...

"...whether 8 to 80, dumb, cripple, or crazy.."

(those are the lyrics of Big Daddy Kane, for ya'll "light" heads who don't know that one lol)

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November 19, 2005
Love in Silence (Edited)
Just sharing some of my works blog peeps; and fixing a typo or two...
if I don't get to post/pass thru ur blogs before the holidays,
I want to wish you all a safe, and "lite-as-possible" holiday....
I'll be bloggin' to ya....
Rap-a-tap-rap. Bang! Rap-a-tap. Bang! Bang!
He banged the floor with the edge of the table announcing his entrance in that of an exaggerated cave man manner. A devilish grin completing his Morse code style as he stood their in silence waiting for her acknowledgement.

She slowly turned around with a coy but curt smile ignoring his barbaric gestures; she swiftly threw his favorite academia editorial morning read at him.
Startled, he nearly missed her pass, as he searched her face to see if his animalistic actions had displeased her. Seeing no signs of conflict, he proceeded to sit down and indulge in his educational commentary fix.

Eloquently she picked up a plate all dressed in satisfying Saturday brunch trimmings.
Salmon Crocquets, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 cantaloupe slices, sliced strawberries with a dab of nutmeg vanilla fruit dip on the side; for him.
For her; she retrieved a nice vegetable souffle from the oven drizzled in cheddar cheese smothered with green peppers and onions, teased with slices of her favourite brand of "touferky" on the side.

She stamped her two feet in mimic of his barbaric Morse code, causing him to look up; she signaled with a nod of her head for him to come over to their breakfast nook that sat bathing in the afternoon sunlight. With eyes bright and fixed on the plate he disregarded his paper as if it was all stale news, and like a bull he charged towards his plate of edible pleasure.

As he sat down, she placed warm cinnamon toast; raisins pitted out for him, kept in for her, on his plate, the butter still melting into the crevices. Just as he was about to break bread, he gently took her waiting hands; as the two of them bowed their heads in silence to gave thanks, they both raised their heads in unison to feast.

As if struck with a thought he looked at her as if looking at her for the first time ever; all hunger placed on pause as he gazed into her eyes. Still no word spoken between the two, as their silence had a language of its own.
Puzzled she looked at him as he broke his stare and moved to action towards the fridge, coming back to the table with a concocted mix his fixed of Champagne, Mango Juice and a spritz of seltzer, she watched him masterfully cut the orange slices to adorn their glasses with.

"I thought we try something new." He signed with his hands.
"Funny, I thought we did that last night." She signed back; wiping fake sweat from her forehead.
A smile broke across both of their faces and they bowed their heads to feast and continue to love in silence.

Short Fiction "Love in Silence," S. Thorne, freelance writer for NAWS; Publisher October 1st 2005; series; prt MOOD SWINGS novella work Copyrighted (c) All rights resevered
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November 18, 2005
Sweetest Taboo
The other night I got the best $%#@* sleep!

The rain was coming down in sheets, and with no umbrella, I quickly resigned to the comforts a home. By the time I got into to bed, it was like I was melting into the freakin; sheets. It felt like that scene from "Trainspotting" where dude was melting into the carpet.

Side Bar: There is something to be said about a freshly made bed, with fresh sheets from the wash or linen closet, and a fresh ass, your fresh *showered* ass slipping into to. Ahhh nice.
No induced high can beat a-natural-just-want-to-get-your-sleep-on-high. NO thoughts, No stress, No thinking about tomorrow, all that matters is this moment right now, where you want to totally succumb to sleep. And you do soooo easily.

OMG its like nutting' (i.e. orgasmic, bustin,' cumming,' jizm, love juice jones, you fucking name it, it was damn great!) .
Got me to thinking, how totally "personal" sleeping is...... Surely a couple can spoon it up ( I love spoon position, but please don't let your feet be cold) pretzel twist position with your mate, or play "sleep twister" lol (you know where no matter where you move they move with you...). But that moment the individual totally succumbs to sleep is a completely isolated "solo" thang. That trip you go alone, and where it takes you, your lover, mate, bedwarmer can not go. Might meet 'em a dream, but that journey to total REM is all on you my roc-a-bye baby!
And when you wake from such blissful moments like that, you kind of wonder where the hell did you go? Cause its seems you return into the womb, or could it have been that wind blowing the rain against your window pane that struck up moments inside the placenta......... to be continued ( I eagerly hope!)
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November 15, 2005
Wouldn't You Know.....
...the one time, I have time to actually blog, (like novel blog, film feature-90-minute-this-is-my-life-story-blog) as my work flow is miracously all clear at the moment, and I'm semi enjoying a pretty laid back day. Many stories, thoughts and updates in the mental archives of my mind to express and share, but wouldn't you know
No Energy. Clouded Thoughts.
Just a Lazy Overcast (Mental) Day.
I don't even have in me to read other blogs, cause I hate to half ass read, I like to read all you got to say first letter to last period. (this may vary on storyteller...lol; but chances are if I'm a repeat visitor, I like UR schitt). Well on days like this when I'm feeling *blah* if I can't sleep it off, I'll walk it off... So trottin I go (can knock out a bill or two in the process).
Then its bed, early night.
I digress.
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November 09, 2005
Syrian Bride
So one of the wonderful things I like about my present gig, is after all the stress and strain in working on project to project is you actually get to see the fruit of your creative/administrative/re-editing loins in the final film production screening.
So the other night my staff and I were invited to check the screening of "Syrian Bride" at the UN (which by the way has waaaaaaay to much security to go through, just to go to a small ass screening room).
Syrian Bride is the story of an Israeli-bride-to-be that must give up her country, her family, and all her familar grounds to be with her husband who is Syrian born. As the two countries do not recognize each other in dual citizenship, one must denounce one's citizenship in order to part of the next. Hence the Israel born Syrian Bride. The movie depicts a bride prepping for good bye admist polictical war fare, family fueds, and her own personal struggle with the what is to be the happiest day of her life; in a dramatic humorouse way, some parts will definitely keep you laughing.

One of the attendees that tagged along with us, is a woman from Armania, who cried, no I take that back "sobbed" big *SOBS* all through this movie, so much so the audience would think that this is her story. I had to ask ; apart from the obvious what touched her so? She said, that fact this is a real story, and even though she fled her country for political reasons, she too had to denounce her country, and that this still does go on present day, and something like this could be taking place right as we speak, someone having to say goodbye (for the better)?

Got me to thinking, how much would one be willing to give up for love? Your space, your time, your video games, your shoe closet shelves? your absurd garbage pail kids collections??? All of this may be the "unwilling-stuff-your-still-willing-to give-up-within-reason."
But to give up one's country, one's family, and to never see that again.
That's some kind of love.
Great Movie, in theatres November 16th. (***Three Bk Babe Stars, and I'm out!)
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November 06, 2005
In the Court of Love
Prosecutor: BK Babe do you know why you're here today?

BK Babe: Ummm to be prosecuted?

Prosecutor: YES! You SEE your honor, she admits it! She's Guilty! She's Guilty as charged! BK Babe: I'm sorry your honor, what is it exactly that I am guilty of?

Judge: You're here today BK Babe to defend where you stand on LOVE.. Prosecutor: Yes, you've have been found guilty of committing a crime. BK Babe: Oh I see, and what crime is that may I ask?

Prosecutor: Don't play coy with the court Bk Babe, the court is well aware that you've been undergoing some changes in your life, as well as the women you encounter.

BK Babe: Change does not change until you change it.

Prosecutor: (continues) This court is also aware that many of the changes have been particularly in the area of love in your life, can you tell us what recently happened with your last relationship?

BK Babe: Well they say if you love something let it go, if it was meant to be it will come back to you, if it does not, it was not yours to keep in the first place.

Prosecutor: So..... what happened?!?

BK Babe: I didn't come back.

Prosecutor: You admit then that you bailed out on someone you claimed you loved!

BK Babe: Loved; But didn't like. I can not like someone who doesn't know me "really;" but I can love the world unconditionally (To the jury) You see, I made the mistake of getting with someone who really wanted to get with me, vs. me really wanting him in return, therefore it was not really mutual. In doing that, I did a big injustice to myself; just for the sake of having someone. I will never do that again.

Prosecutor: You say that with no regrets, to the court this maybe viewed as "cold?"

BK Babe: Far from, as a matter of fact I'm soooo warm with all the new possibilites and control that I posses right within my own mental grasp. I finally realized I had it along, that I can truly say unto a mountain in my life to move, and with no doubt in my heart my command will be obeyed.

Prosecutor: Are you admitting to the court that you are under some drug induce delusion?

BK Babe: If being high off of love and total peace within myself admist all the daily worries, uphill battles, conflicts and situations that may arise, where at the end of the day I happily shove to far corners of my mind in knowing that each situation will be resolved and conquered for the good; and give space to totally loving my life in that moment, myself, my friends, and my total support to my (next and final) companion and king; Then YES! I am whitney-houston-n-bobby-brown high right now.

Prosecutor: That's a lot of power one woman is claiming she holds.

BK Babe: Not one. ALL! Some just have not awakened their power as yet.

Prosecutor: So you're saying with this power you can conquer all challenges, like depression, surely BK Babe has a grey day or two ever now and again? Care to tell the court, how this so-called power helps that?

BK Babe: Gladly. You see there's this thing I do whenever I let life beat me up, or fill me with doubt about what I see in the mirror, or what's happening in my life. If there are any tears to shed, I first get that ALL out then I start with 10.

Prosecutor: Ten? Ten what?!

BK Babe: 10 fingers. Then I go on to 10 toes, then I count down to two arms, two legs, two ears, two eyes. As many of us still have the use of these, and skip over these blessings on a regular, because we're two busy wanting two cars, two new pair of shoes, two TV's, two Lovers, or for some TEN lovers... I humble myself by saying, somewhere out there someone would gladly trade places with me and the "minor" stuff I'm going through because they wish they had two legs, two arms, two...

Prosecutor: (Interrupts) I get the point, that's all great and holy Bk Babe, how very hallmark greeting card of you, but are you also saying with this so-called power you can control who you're next mate will be.

BK Babe: Oh no, that's fate, I let fate do it's thing, all I do is make sure I'm in a clear mind and space in my life to recieve what fate is about to bring, until then I'm be busy spinning wool and flax, just call me "Rubie." Prosecutor: Any prospects?

BK Babe: Two or one. Hard to say, we haven't hung in that capacity. Prosecutor: A-ha! So you do admit that you are looking for love? BK Babe: Nope! But its definitely looking for me. I DO admit I've ducked Love's radar a couple of times, got flippant, bailed, scared, turned down a few ex'es prosposal, ran out of relationships right at the on set of trouble, not stick-it-out-power-at-all.

Prosecutor: And now?

BK Babe: Now I'm staying put. When love hits me again, I'm going to be standing dead smack in that bullseye, with friendship as it always should be "first;" and my "sexy support" and loyalty quickly to follow. Prosecutor: So what should your next (and final) King know in order to get with a Bk Babe? BK Babe: He better know the power of two, or learn the advantages of it quickly as put by David's son on "The Advantages of Companionship (Ecclesiastes 4:7-12). Prosecutor: So are you one of these bible toting babes? BK Babe: No, I am "seeker-of-truth-toting babe," seeking a common deniminator; a philospher if you will... On given day I can be in the Quran, I-Ching, Budda or the Bible... truth (for me) is not just found in a Bible, or a church just on Sundays. Judge: Prosecutor I think we have enough to go on here, if you don't have any more question Bk Babe you may step down.

Prosecutor: I do have one more question, if it pleases the court, BK Babe are you wearing underwear in that picture?

BK Babe: (Stands, outrage) Your honor! Is the prosecutor badgering the witness?

Judge: Prosecutor, I'm holding you in contempt of court, after Bk Babe answers that question.......

BK Babe: Umm Can I have a motion to dismiss your honor....

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November 02, 2005
OKAY AS NO ONE'S LOOKING, I WANTED TO SEND EVERYONE A SHOUT OUT! I HOPE YOU ALL ARE FEELING SUPER SEXY OUT THERE! Work is finally coming to managable pace, so I will be catching up on ALL read's during office hours...lol So in making my rounds, I wanted to shout ya'll out and say WASSUP: Dee-Dee I know its juicy on your corner.... BQ queen still sitting on your throne? Black Silk, glad your on the scene! No-Cho-Cha (Vagina) for you.... I hope you're still not giving it up...lol! Eye-n-Eye.... "you got beef, you need BK back-up or whut...lol? You know I got ur back, front sides... *wink*. Luke C... are you all moved in, send wifey my love and warm wishes! Humanity Critic ( a.k.a my "Ike)... you finally back home I see... your know you're still going to get cut.... My Cousin Coley, them pics in Hawaii, were tops! Diva, put down that credit card, and back away from the Michael Kor boots! Proactiff, take it easy on hubby, let him rest in between those rumps! Lol.... Envizable, I see U...lol! Foxy B... why did I miss Why Wednesday again.... Danielle, your corner is always going to be krunk! Amadeo, did you have your blogsome house party yet! Mz Powder Pink, like the new betty boop do! Zed, its either Batshit or me....lol. Chubby Chocolate are you taking your meds!!! (Don't get me, lol) Brotha Buck, thanks again! Princess Dom.... my home comp crash, laptop is on back order, book is on slight hold, or pause for the moment, but thanks for asking.... Will, WASSUP. And Teej, no drinking! Lol High Maintenance Hussy.... now that's how a hussy get a job... BIG CONGRATS!!! Now I can come and mooch off of your ass!!! Mshim, how you doing??!?! BossLady, you still signing checks, and Organized N! I'm still thinking (and still sexy...lol) Jdid, how's them thoughts babes! Small Island Girl I hope all test were past.... Campfyah...holla! Monkey Bite, where are you? and Ru?? Lol. Pizzle, okay you know I got come by and read and see if your lights are back on.... *jokes* Okay my official Boss man, just walked in on the scene here at the job, time to ROLL OUT, couldnt shout all heads, but next time...I still have some more tweaks/additons to do with blogger, in between this film project, but I'm working it out... ok gotta run really... back in a bit!
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