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October 28, 2005
"Piss Marks the Spot" (Edited)
Watching this dog today piss on a bag today got me to thinking, how much not just the animal race has a need to mark their terrority, but so we as humans. The need to stake our "claim" to something "tangible." Someone "tangible."
Now where the scales balance on this "claim" whether cocky or INsecurity.... stems on the object of piss-tation (lol); and the reason behind it?
Is it because you (feel you) got like that and are confident? Or you so fear you're going to lose it so you "piss" on it?
Such acts; plain selfishness? .... or plain greed?
Funny thing, is the next dog is going to come along and piss right over that spot, and mark his claim, what makes that bag so special? (Or is it even about the bag? Hmmmm)
Everyone's guilty. I know I'm guilty, but it much resevered an classy way....
my golden showers are "mental."
-Inside a Bk Babe's Thoughts....

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October 22, 2005
"Still Saturdays"
Sometimes a girl needs to enjoy a "Still Saturday" night.
(in her underwear)
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October 19, 2005
thoughts out of order
Thought 1 "Busy, Busy, Busy"

.....wow. who knew this freelance gig, would be so crazed......it's been a while where i actually worked a job where there is no time to even do "busy work" or goof off b/c I AM THAT BUSY!

I MISS GETTING MY BLOG ON!!! So much thoughts, no time, but soon enough.... just gotta coordinate (and get a new lap top)

.....there's so much that goes on just to make one film.....the people whom I working for are lovely disorgranzied bunch.....did I eat breakfast? Yes. Its lunch that looks like it will be skipped, dinner too.

Thought 2 "At Least"

....at least with all this running around, clothes are getting looser,

......at least i'll be re-visting the other side of my closet soon enough... just b/c I have "blossom" in my name does not mean literal!

Thought 3 "Got My Sexy On"

Sexy Boots. Sexy Skirt. Sexy Smile.

He better notice. It's been a while, but I looking fwd to seeing that 6'2" sexy man. 2 yrs is too long.

Thought 4 "I Declare"

i've decided, rather its been decided for me, that there is not time to give into horny lil temporary impulses, too much on the creative plate, and looks like my passion on the sexual side have been "nuped" which is good. I can focus on Benjamin(s) instead of Dick(s).

i've decided to be celibac (again), nothing out there excites me enough to give up and out the goods

(present guy included, which has super simmered, since i'm super busy)

i've decided that i have a new wine to add to my repetoire, "El Grigo" a nice spanish dessert wine, i had the other nite while out on the town, niiiiiiccccce!

Thought 5 " I Often"

i often wonder, if its only foriegn people with HEAVY accents that are saved, there the only ones yelling the "gospel" on the train.... and no one can seem to understand them? And their loud!

i often wonder if god ran out of faces, i see the people who could be "twins" to people i know all the time.

i often wonder if i'll one day live abroad, since its looks like I'll be working aboard next year... i know what i see, i'll be it.

i'm seeing so much right now, that's miss cleo should be calling me!!!!!

Do you out there, see yourself somewhere in your career, environment or mentally.

Just thought's popping....

Ta ta for now....

-Bk Babe

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October 10, 2005
The Horror..(None of it Matters)
With all the going ons in the world, my rose tinted glasses have been looking at some pretty grey and grim sh*t this year,
RITA, MUDSLIDE IN GAUTALOUPE, EARTHQUAKE IN INDIA and even damn Rodney King getting arrested for beating his wife
(ain't that some ish?????).

HECK, I'm still not over HAITI and GRENADA HURRICANES and the death toll/damage done.

All pretty darn devasting, but nothing could compare more, to the absolute SHOCK I experienced when I was informed (that's a whole other post *wink*) a while back about something going on that hit right close to home for me....A catastrophe which I thought I got nixed upon discovery, but now I see its back!!!!!
I FOUND A GRAY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I do have some good news, I just saved a bunch a money on my car insurance!
(Thanks Gieco and Big shout out to BROTHA BUCK drawing the pic above)
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October 05, 2005
One Word
If I had to define me in one word it would be.....
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October 02, 2005
"Something Cosmic"

I keep saying something cosmic is going on in the air
Like the Sun and Moon performed an incantation,
causing a "mental eclipse" within my
galatic atmosphere
Making me sit in darkness while I REevaluate the light
and wait for the truth to appear
No choice do I have, but just face the mirror
Even if the reflection is not clear...
I'm still there.
Focusing on a image
that seems to be as deep as an astral hemisphere
In there some where is me
And I soon as I find me, I'll shed me and Re appear
(In style)
"My Still Moments" Collection of Poems S Thorne (C)Copyright 2005
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