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November 23, 2006
Does that make me Corky????
Disclaimer: We all have corky things that we do, corky ways in which we think, and corky habits that we've picked up and now own, so join me in raising an eyebrow as I share some of mine (don't worry, I x-plain myself... lol, as any corky person should do):


  • Clean (some) public bathrooms: - I got this "corky" habit from a "crazy" Ex... he would takes mounds of tissue or paper towels, and wipe down counters, and toilet seats and such, as well as pick up excess paper off the floor, and flush the "unflush", his notion, was that he didn't want ANYBODY to come into a stall, or go into the bathroom after him, and think "he" was the nasty one. You can find me now doing the same thing.... even taking loads of paper to wipe some wet floors with my foot.

  • RE-READ, & READ what I write: I am obsessed with what and how I write, what can I say, I'm on my own "proverbial" penmanship penis. I'm entitled, I typed it... lol!!!!

  • Eat Tuna Fish & Jelly: - This is a childhood thing, from a childhood friend who put me onto this one day, when we were STARVING as kids, and her house, was the hunger raid of choice. She made this concoction, there are some rules that apply, no bread, just crackers, and tuna must be mixed and seasoned, oh and the jelly must be GRAPE welches... (I feel for me pregnant) Hmmmm hmmmm "corky!"

  • Dip crackers in my Tea: - Soggy crackers, in sweet tea, ROCK!

  • Tap my leg to fall asleep: - I dunno know how to explain this one, but I got a lil cousin, that hits her head on the pillow to do the same thing! Lol!

  • Chills: - I suffer from them on the hottest of days, some might think I have a excessive compulsive disorder, lol.

  • Scratch Dandruff: - Mine and others, not everybody's but I love recieving and giving a good scalp massage, now it wasn't always this way, but my Mom had a friend, that as a child, use to FORCE me to take worms out of her ears, what I can say, the perversion grew.

  • Pick Up Litter Behind People: - I detest people who litter, and I will walk behind you, and pick it up behind you. Have I littered? Yes. And I have gone behind myself, and picked up something that I "consciously" threw out in the streets. I know I'm not alone....

  • Drink (Apple Cider) Vinegar & Garlic Raw: - It's good for you.

  • Save Sentimental Text Messages: - Love em, oh and I will RE READ, and READ those too! I know I'm not alone....

  • Not having Sex (again) until I get married:- Self explainatory. U want it. U Ring it! I know I'm not alone....

And Lastly, does it make me crazy, if I do not partake or share in the following SIX:

5} The BIG Thanksgiving LIE! (What do the Native Americans think about this day?) 4}The commerical side of Xmas that pumps its all about "how much you spend", we should be giving the gift of Love EVERDAY.... 3} The rhetoric many Evangelist Pastors are preaching in regards to support Bush, and this FAKE Faith Based Iniative, that David Kuo (Head of the Faith Committee, White House) left office over.. 2} Black History Month, the shortest month of the year... 1} And my biggest American crazy sentiment I don't share... is 2 week vacation, everyone should reap like the French, and enjoy SIX WEEKS!!!!

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe11/23/2006 
  • At 24/11/06 2:10 PM, Blogger Rose said…

    Weirdly I share three. 1. (bathroom) Call me crazy but I do the same thing. For the same reason which is that I don't want people to think I messed it up. The other part of me don't want folks to think that women are dirty as in my co-workers and the women who share the building. I want my workplace to be something that I can be proud up.

    2. Chills- I get them all the time even if it is 100 degrees out. Other things to factor in like someone singing so good it not only draw chills it makes the hair on my arms stand up.

    3. dandruff- I love to be scratched but not to do it. I mean as soon as someone starts touching my head I get sleepy, same as with a massage, I fall asleep as soon as it starts. I stopped getting them cause I felt I couldn't enjoy the experience sleep.

  • At 27/11/06 7:41 AM, Blogger Luke Cage said…

    Ahhh, methinks if I made a list like this, I would have called it Cage's Quirks! -lol- I could relate to a few of these. Like to hear about 'em? I thought that'cha would.

    (1) I too have a very sick thing going on with restrooms. Mine (in my basement at home) is immaculate. (in fact, all 4 restrooms are) I don't use the amount of paper towels that you use, but then again, I towel so often that it becomes a non-issue. I love clean restrooms. I can't stand the sight of a disorderly or grimey one.

    (2) I Read and write, and reread and rewrite compulsively. How then, do I still find I send out texts with mistakes and typos? -lol

    (3) I have a thing about closing doors. Cabinet doors, doors to the restroom, accordian doors (again in my basement that separates my artroom from my playroom), desks should have their drawers closed. I'm sick when it comes to this...

    (4)I SAVE sentimental text messages too. I love 'em! Yes, you are not alone..

    (5)I LOVE Thanksgiving though. I can't do without it luv... my favorite holiday of the year!

    (6) I detest the commercialism of Christmas though. This used to be my favorite holiday.. Now I only celebrate it for the younger ones in my family. I had a great childhood when it came to Christmas. No reason why they should suffer...

    (7) 6 week vacations??? Wow! Sacre' Bleu! Hey, I cosign. Get me signed up. Although I have about 6 weeks vacation accumulated in over 8 years of service at my job, I only started out with 4 weeks so I don't suffer by this. Other jobs though, do..

    -- Loved this!

  • At 27/11/06 9:00 AM, Blogger Miz JJ said…

    I save sentimental text messages as well. I like to re-read thekm.

    2 weeks for holidays is bullshit. Definitely.

  • At 27/11/06 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If I enter a stall that's nasty I just don't use that stall. I hate a nasty bathroom but I can't see myself cleaning a public bathroom. I've entered some nasty disgusting public bathrooms and turned around and walked out. I would rather hold it instead of using a nasty bathroom.

    I can't chills too whether it's cold or hot.

    I love for my head to be scratch. That's one of the best feelings.

  • At 27/11/06 12:35 PM, Blogger Amadeo said…

    I am a fanatic about: dudes not washing their hands before leaving the bathroom.

    Restaurants not giving you enough napkins and not having toothpicks.

    If you aren't with Thanksgiving then you need to see the History Channels (I believe) docu-drama about the Pilgrims it's called Desperate Crossing. Real, Real.

  • At 29/11/06 11:08 AM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    I am so glad, I'm not the only corky ONE of there... I knew there was more...

    Oh and since a few of you share my bathroom "bliss", I also can't touch public (bathroom) doorknobs with my bare hands... MUST use tissue to turn knob...

    Keep 'em coming.

  • At 1/12/06 12:05 AM, Anonymous Damon Z said…

    My Corky Habits:

    1)Cannot fall asleep unless every door, drawer and closet is closed.

    2)Always walk back to check if I locked my car or apartment.

    3)Eat all leftovers cold.

  • At 2/12/06 1:28 PM, Blogger Stunner said…

    Like Damon Z, I always walk back to check if I locked my car and apartment door.

    I just deleted some "sentimental" text messages last month, had them in the phone for over 2 years.

    I always want to save my new clohes until a special occasion to wear them for the first time.
    Picking up stuff and cleaning up public bathrooms, that's just sick.

    I used to hate it when my mother dips her crackers in her tea!

  • At 3/12/06 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 4/12/06 11:18 AM, Blogger Bougie Black Boy said…

    damn someone put a long response on here! jeesh. hpoe things are going well over there.. waiting for more updates!

  • At 4/12/06 3:20 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    @ Bougie Black Boy... ummm yeah... I dunno know what that was all about, lol, "Delete."

  • At 5/12/06 7:34 PM, Blogger Lyrically speaking said…

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I don't know about the bathroom cleaning but I must say I am obsessed with reading over and over my journals or my poems, I try hard not to re-edit them but I find myself squirming at words I feel makes no sense :) oh yeah and the scratching dandruff, girl that feels soooooooooo good, lol
    And you are right on the money as far as vacation in Europe. I used to have friends from France who used to visit me in Cali and they never understood how come we work twelve months straight and get only 2 weeks and only in some companies that you get 3 weeks after five years of service. Great post!Thanks for stopping by mine, come back again :)

  • At 10/12/06 1:12 AM, Anonymous YoursTruly said…

    Don't sound crazy at all, sounds like your work for the Lord and he is ordering your steps. Remember the bible says the man with the natural mind doesn not understand the things that come from GOD.

  • At 10/12/06 7:42 PM, Blogger Your Girl said…

    i detest public bathrooms. but when it's a must, my body does not touch a single surface. i hover or cover seats with tissue, i use tissue to close stall doors, turn sink knobs, pump papertowel holders and open doors. i'm awful! but it's just so dirty in there...

  • At 11/12/06 11:20 PM, Blogger courtneyelizabeth said…

    lol....i have a lot of corky things....i just wont list em today. maybe tomorrow...lol

  • At 12/12/06 5:38 PM, Blogger K said…

    wow. i don't feel so weird.
    seriously, i do the bathroom thing. i also do it in restaurants.

    i can't go to sleep if my body is not the right temperature. since i was a kid, i regulated this by sleeping with one foot outside of the bed.

    i need ketchup with my fries, and ketchup with my eggs. hence the title of the blog, for real. dry fries are horrendous.

  • At 14/12/06 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 17/12/06 12:16 PM, Blogger princessdominique said…

    Just stopping by to wish you a beautiful and happy holiday and a Happy New Year if I don't get back through here before then. Yayyy for almost 2007! Hope your book is coming along well. Me? I'm pulling myself together, finally.

  • At 18/12/06 8:57 PM, Blogger Dr. Deborah Serani said…

    Just came by to wish you and your family a great holiday and new year!

  • At 21/12/06 3:09 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    All right, let all ya'll corkies... out... lmao!

    Make a great one this Holiday season!

    Wishing U:

    "a taste a heaven in 07, see U then!"

    bK bAbE!

  • At 3/4/07 8:09 PM, Blogger Acolyte said…

    Clean (some) public bathrooms
    I too clean the last public spaces I came out of for the same reason.

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