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June 03, 2006
From Money
Door man. Grand Lobby. Padded leather seats in the elevator. Elevator floor pushed BEFORE you step in the elevator....Announced upon arrival. Two Butlers. Caviar. Asparagus and Endless wine. Left wing. Right wing.... a true Central Park view apartment.... a perfect "Classic 6."

Last night I was in the company of money. I had been invited out to an event, a fundraiser for an organization to promote "peace." Cute. The event was held in one of the board members' home, a true Classic 6.

What's a Classic 6, you might ask? (I'm so glad you asked..I did... just note; the operative word here is CLASSIC)

SIX bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 dens, wine gallery, slight split level kitchen apartment, equipped with maid, butler, and cook, all which spells one thing:


Cute. What I noticed, while brushing elbows holding glasses of wine at this promotion PEACE event...was the fact that practically all of the attendees here, had a "PEACE" of mind, in that they were all "from money." I quickly learned just by watching who was FROM money, and who was *NEW* to money. I observed that the "FROM money" or OLD money if you will... had a sense of reserve about them, no sense of eagerness just calm, cool, and collect. Better summed up as DULL. Lacking luster for life..... Yeah, something about that living NO pay-check-to-check... that will just DULL your worries. I tell ya.... lol.

But some how sitting amongst the trust fund babies, and trust fund creators, I no desire to trade places. No desire to DIM my light, and rob me of my luster for life. I still get excited if I find an extra couple of dollars in my purse or pocket. And don't let it be a good handful of change, I'm cheesing. Gives me a good feeling to know, that I made a sacrafice at some point to not "spend it all..." So I can have a rainy day $1 to find. Woo-hoo!

It is written that the poor shall be honored, and the rich, humbled. I think I understand that statement truly now, as I watched the "OLD" $ mix with the NEW $. That *NEW* money holders, SMILED more with satisfaction, acted more animated, quick to jump at the skimpy hor'duerves, as if they were entitled to it... like they deserved it too... for now they are "WITH" money. They had "arrived." Ha!

I had to laugh, because "WITH" money and "FROM" money, see things 2 totally different ways. Just like the proven fact, that many LOTTO winners who win big, in a few years, are Right Back where they started. Broke. (Ain't that some ish...?)

You can a learn a lot from watching.

Last night I secretly hoped someone would ask me which side I was from, so I could answer....

"Oh me, why I'm from BILLS!"


Bk Babe

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe6/03/2006 
  • At 4/6/06 1:02 AM, Blogger Berry said…


  • At 4/6/06 1:59 AM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    Right back at cha, Berry!

  • At 4/6/06 9:05 AM, Blogger the flying monkeys said…

    hey brooklyn babe!
    Thanks for visiting shhh...
    Can we link to each other?

  • At 4/6/06 9:30 AM, Blogger Brea said…

    I've been to a few events like that - blech! That is no way to live. Why can't they enjoy money and life?! You are right, it is better to find joy in life than to have money. Insightful post.

  • At 4/6/06 11:46 AM, Blogger the prisoner's wife said…

    wow...a CLASSIC 6, eh? i used to walk by the townhomes near Columbus & CPW and be amazed. they are so big & generous (the homes that is...). i can imagine how & why new money acts so different. they understand the art of hustle. must have been interesting to be at such an event. i always wondered...instead of throwing around all the money for charity X, why don't they give the money directly to the cause? things that make me go hmm.

  • At 4/6/06 12:05 PM, Blogger Brownsoul said…

    I wouldn't mind being rich, but it hasn't been one of my goals in life for awhile. I guess maybe it's because realized that in my field, rich is not going to happen. Anywhoo...COMFORTABLE is what I strive for. Paycheck to paycheck is kinda depressing. I just wanna have a comfortable place to live with a few nice things...eating good, and not having to check my account everytime I want to do a little shopping.

  • At 4/6/06 12:39 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    @ Obokun.... will do... I've been meaning to update my links anyways... I have some of my blog buds link incorrect.

    @ Brea... Good question. Its not so much the $$$, but where's the enjoyment. I think its because they use their financial status to keep them in the same secure bubble.

    @ Prisoners Wife... good pt. Its said good thing come to those who wait, GREAT things come to those WHO hustle!
    But the best hustle in MY book, is the hustle you do for "you" not for a quick BUCK. Because how you get it, is how you keep it, which is why many lotto winner prob go BUST.

    And for RICH folk to go out and give DIRECTLY to the cause, is NOT tax deductable... lol!

    @ Brownsoul , you know I use to want to be COMFORTABLE too, until I had a real eye opener from this financial tape/program. That said folks who just want to be "comfortable" still have their limits, as they never desire to strive higher as their well their comfortable. But even with being comfortable, you have your financial limits, as we all live above our means.

    (you'd have to hear the tape)
    No, I plan on being RICH, but I will not just let it be in my pockets... I'm taking my mind body and spirit with me.

  • At 4/6/06 4:05 PM, Blogger Proactiff said…

    Today the pastor spoke of the rich can often times be poor and the poor can be so so rich. To me, that is where mind, body and soul are at their "prosperity" peak. Where I too am headed. "Everyday I'm hustlin'. ..."


  • At 4/6/06 5:45 PM, Blogger Luke Cage said…

    LOL.. nicely done with the 2 stark parallels Brooklyn. I've read the stories about the Lottery winners who go through the money without a steady and gaining financial infrastructure to maintain their wealth. Can you imagine what that would be like to have millions of dollars and lose it within a year or two? Gotta love those board members.. living it up like that! ;)

  • At 4/6/06 5:54 PM, Blogger Campfyah said…

    What a good post. I know someone from new money and they always pushing it in your face. Hey, we gots money and me and my husband can afford this or that. It's always about how much they pay for something. I'm always amazed at them. I wish I could show them this post. the funny thing is that I also know people who aren't from old or new money but run in the same circles as the money people and you would never know because of their comfort. Just amazing. But glad you enjoyed your experience.

  • At 4/6/06 6:23 PM, Blogger Ladynay said…

    First off tx 4 commin by 2 c me.

    Second, I don't know how I'd act with new and old money!

    I hope to be old money one day. Yah know, when it's new make wise investments so it's turns old!

  • At 4/6/06 10:52 PM, Blogger Stunner said…

    I'm in the NO MONEY group!

  • At 5/6/06 12:21 AM, Blogger Pizzle said…

    I find the biggest difference to be that Old Money simply doesn't appreciate it. You tend to have a better outlook (or as you put it, lust for life) when you've EARNED it, and remember where you came from...

    Great post. :)

  • At 5/6/06 9:11 AM, Blogger JReal said…

    Loved the post... reminds me of convo's with a potna of mine. We're both from what some would call the "hood" side of Atlanta, but we were both afforded the luxury of attending Morehouse. Needless to say, we quickly discovered that we were among the minority at the college - money-wise, not race-wise. Freshmen driving Navigators and Porsches... parents CEO's of major corps. The odd part was, while we were there hustling to get what they had for our families, they were trying ohh-so-hard to come down to our level... wanting desperately to be "hard" or "real." They couldn't appreciate that they were as real as they ever could be, just being themselves.Makes me laugh now.

  • At 5/6/06 1:21 PM, Blogger Olawunmi said…

    you're right, something about old money kills the light and drive, hence the reason why "established" dynasties decline. the hustla who originally made the pile has passed on, and subsequent generations have less and less incentie to go out and make the same hustles.

    nice post

  • At 5/6/06 2:02 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    @ Proactiff... Hey Darling! Thanks for poppin in with that Pastoral word babes.

    @ Luke Cage... no I can not. I can't "arrive" only to "depart???"
    Nah... that's why I'm in "how-to-make-$1-out-of-15cents-School."

    @ Campfyah...funny you should mention that... because neither of two, made me feel uncomfortable or inadequate in anyway...

    @ Ladynah, I'm sorry to tell you, that for you to have this kind of OLD money you would of have to have started about 400 years ago... you feel me? But don't knock NEW money... KNOCK down the doors, that have it waiting for you babes!

    @ STUNNER.... temporary set back babes, U can't have a name like STUNNER and stay broke. Claim it so!

    @ Pizzle.... hmmmm I going to beg to differ there, I would say that more about NEW money (that they have no appreciation) than OLD money...

    trust me... these folks appreciated that they had a whole floor, in apartment building, that could of been easily 8-10 apartments, to themselves.

    They appreciated that they were not the charity highlight, but the charity Name -

    NEW money... I can totally say in this day n age... does not have that appreciation like OLD $$$... just look at Hollywood... and TV shows like CRIBS... and any VH1, E! Entertainment, Oscars, Emmy or MTV award shows, its ALL about Flossing the *bling*
    Spend! Spend! Spend!

    I hate these award shows for that same reason, as you often hear:

    "What are you wearing tonight?"

    "Oh this... an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana SARAN WRAP dress, with tin foils threading and rubber band piping, it's from their private collection"

    (gimme a break!, lol)

    @ J-Real, I know all about Morehouse, home of the affluent Trust Fund babies of Color.
    Kids who have 30k pocket allowance for the semester to floss, while other struggle with $30 a month... funny how they want to bring that down "hood-style..." Further Funny how Morehouse... school of politican, lawyers, and 6 figure salaries... is in the hood... but that's another post.

    True. True.

  • At 5/6/06 9:11 PM, Blogger K said…

    i always wondered what happened to old money folks if and/or when they lost their fortunes.

  • At 5/6/06 9:16 PM, Blogger YoursTruly said…

    Well I hope that they all had a purpose with for the money, Because without God their peace would be pitty. "Living on pupose is the path to peace" I hope that they know that and only God gives purpose.

  • At 6/6/06 12:27 AM, Blogger Rose said…

    Great observation! I like that to, "I'm from bills". I just want comfort to not have to worry about bills-.

  • At 6/6/06 12:47 AM, Blogger Monef said…

    Good observations, I have to say that I like the fact OLD Money peeps don't necessarily feel the need to be defined by their money as compared to new money. I also never understand why new money isn't more focused on ensuring that wealth for future generations.

  • At 6/6/06 5:39 AM, Blogger business voodoo said…

    oh, god knows what motivates people to be how they are. i know just as many life loving, exciting and wonderful people 'from' money as not 'from' ... no matter the $$ situation, very few people are actually living ... most people seem to be either waiting to die or pushing to find death as fast as possible or making excuses why they can't live.

    but definitely, i would say the 'with' folks tend to be the most lost of the three groups ... perhaps its the transition. transitions are hard on every body!

    great post ... i hope some great money and ideas were born to bring a bit more peace on the planet!

    peace & harmony,
    'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

  • At 6/6/06 10:03 AM, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    "I've been lead to believe it's all about C.R.E.A.M, profit over principle"

    funny how it's always the rich who try to promote "peace". wanton wealth creation is the source of a lot of misery. but like i said i've been led to believe ...

  • At 6/6/06 10:47 AM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    @ K.... that's just it.... OLD money does NOT loose their $. That's why its old... tangled up in many money "roots."

    @ Your Truly.... sure they have a purpose.... TO KEEP IT!!! Lol... but all in all, that RICH people are RICH b/c they give... its the poor that hold on to the almighty dollar. 2 Different schools of thought... Truly.

    @ Rose.... Oh Trust. Me when I tell you, I'm about to add... "PAID BILLS" in front my statement shortly.

    @ Monef... See you seeing what I'm seeing. Lesson to be learned.

    @ Biz Voodoo... Oh money doesn't define how great your are (inside). I've met rich and poor assholes, alike.
    And vise versa... lol

    @ Obi... Should be all about CREAM, because then you make money a God. And that the biggest prob of the HUMAN race... "WE" (I don't exclude myself at all....) WORSHIP the almighty dolla... holla?!?!

    And of course the RICH would promote Peace, we all know that WAR brings.. some crippling effects to the economy. The POOR get's hit first... and thus the Domino affect begins....
    SO I'd be promoting peace too if I were rich!

    Just look at GAS prices right now.


  • At 6/6/06 5:20 PM, Blogger Deirdre said…

    Girl...I have always wanted to marry RICH....OLD or NEW Money will do...but I guess I can see your point:)

    By the way...this is Dino Dee AKA Vicious D. D. Fresh...Ya Feel Me!

  • At 6/6/06 5:40 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 6/6/06 5:43 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    @ Dino Dee (Didi)

    Lol! I hear you.... and right back at cha Pimp!

    Bishop Bk Babe Delicious,

    Over n' Out!

  • At 8/6/06 1:05 AM, Blogger mytruth said…

    I haven't heard "money" used in that way in a very long time. You are crazy...lol

  • At 9/6/06 10:59 AM, Blogger Chris-el-da said…

    this is from a week ago but i wanted to comment that this is hilarious! love love love it!
    and yeah, i'm "from -35.97 in my checkin' account"

  • At 9/6/06 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Interesting, those ho were born into money are not boring, they just different worries and different needs. New money, well they usually still act out, becuase they are afterall.... new to it. They have worked all their lives for it, and are all giddy that they have finally arrived. Old money doesn't every speak of money, while new money is always talking about it.

    Honey, there is nothing cute about being poor, so I will never want to be living on that side of the fence, ever again!

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