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October 20, 2006
Jane, Can't Stop this Crazy Thing...
Saw this DUDE light up a crack pipe the other morning. Bright an early sunny morning too. At first dude threw me through a loop, because I didn't think it was the obvious. He was sitting on some middle school steps (funny the school for the mentally challenge...hmmmmm???), with no shirt on, no shoes, and hair wild like Maxwell. Pretty fucking smile, nice teeth, couldn't tell if they needed brushing, but as smiles often do, I got high, and passed the smile right back to him. That's when I noticed the pipe????? Damn.

Dude was fixing to fire up in broad day light, in fact he was already zooted, already "there," he was already..... gone.

Sad, it was the first time that I saw something and didn't have an emotion, my shit was completely mute, like "what the fa....." I couldn't even finish with an indignant curse word, because I didn't feel any sense of agititation. Dude LOST me... placed my emotions on pause, I felt like I was floating in his abyss, and all of this was in the few seconds of me walking by him, and him still laughing. I felt like he was laughing at me, with me, through me. And I could nothing to stop him. It was the first time I wanted to join someone, join him, join this ride, see where he's at. But then how the fuck would I come back????????

So I stayed, stayed right there, walking by him, with his no shirt on, no shoes, pipe, beautiful smile, and wild hair. And kept moving in slow motion.

When I looked back, he was looking right at me.

Pipe in hand, fire ready.

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October 15, 2006
I'm Not Yawning...
"For decades,
whenever the topic of genocide has come up, the response has been, 'Never again.'
Yet right now, the government of Sudan is engaging in genocide against three large African tribes in its Darfur region here. Some 1,000 people are being killed a week, tribeswomen are being systematically raped, 700,000 people have been driven from their homes, and Sudan's
(Homes they've been in for G E N E R A T I O N S) Army is even bombing the survivors. And the world yawns.... " - Nicholas Kristoff, Columinst (NYT)
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October 05, 2006
Time to Update this _________!
P L E A S E *S T A N D* B Y

(You know how it is, sometimes in life, you have take a short pause for cause, ADJUST YOUR VIEW... FOCUS
and sometimes you gotta hit " PLAY.")

"I'm bringing bK bAbe back.... soon."

Hope all is well in Blogland... Shout out to you... and you... and oh yes, YOU!
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