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January 24, 2006
Where was this....
..yesterday when I needed it! Huh?????
In the news yesterday a psychologist declared yesterday as a Day of Gloom (most Mondays for me are.... just like that song rainy days and monday always seem to get me down...

Now today I got my game back on
but for those of you who are still dabbling with Gloom...

Pass it on....
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January 12, 2006
My Funky Beat
I swear I picked up somebody's evil ass energy. Because I know I was fine, even through the minor day-to-day bullshit that can occur in one's mundane life, I was fine. Now, I'm evil. Evil. Evil. Evil. Functional, somewhat friendly and still cordial, but underneath, evil lurks. I didn't even give an old lady a sit on the bus, she got one, but I wasn't getting up. Let all these men sitting down remember that chivarly is not dead. Stare them down if you have to, get your sit old lady, I'm evil today, and I'm not getting up. I always get up. This is definetly not me....

Only good thing is that I'm still "channeling" my energy toward the projects and things that I'm setting forth to do this year.

In getting my head together, I have some how taken on an somebody's funky mood. I know its not mine, feels to un-nerving to be mine, this energy I'm experiencing is the type that even simple pleasures can not cure... definitely not my energy, Who's ever energy its is.... they snuck it on me. My radar stays on with people, especially with people I know who got "funny energy". This radar is my protection shield, and it screams out: 'Don't go there $1."

Whoever it is they disguised themselves as happy, and I recieved them, thus recieving their suppressed negative energy.

Funny thing is, co-worker feels it too, she was fine, I was fine, we were fine. Two woman operation working with no real supervison, until "the reminder" shows up, that we're not quite running the show... that reminder being "Mr. Negative energy" himself (our vitural consultant know it all boss figure) showed up.

Ding! Ding! Ding!!!

I don't know why we didn't smell him coming. Maybe because he took a bath (he does not bathe on a regular, as penny pinching as he is, he's probably is trying to save water). He came back disguised as a refreshed jewish (non practicing) guy coming back from being on holiday in the UK, with visions of his home in the countryside freshly stained in his mind. But underneath was the same lonely unhappy, abrupt, parnoid, can't talk to ANYBODY like their not a third grader to save his life, evil spirit. Now I'm on the hunt for sage. Big time! I known I should of did my New Year ritual and go on my usual 21-31 day fast ( sometimes I only make it 21 days) and get my defenses super strong. Fasting helps me to think clearer, Faster. Unclog all thoughts that are tangled. Takes 3 days to get my body to understand I'm not feeding it, 7 days for my mind to accept it, and reward me mentally, by being strong. Above all, it helps me to home in all positive energy. Now to unleash this nasty ass energy, I have to first "identify it....." Done. And now get rid ot it, "effectively.' So yesterday I joined a gym. Tomorrow I'm in there.... to get my "nah-mi-yo-hey-reng-gay-ke-yo" on on the treadmill.

Hey if you can't burn a good sexual sweat and release, ain't nothing like a gym one... then I get my head back bopping to my own happy "funky" beat.

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January 09, 2006
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January 05, 2006
How Chub C put it?
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  • editing. evolving. doing over. starting over. new year. new time. same mind. growing mind. mind is terrible thing to let dry. must water. don't stop. won't stop. just beginning. editing. re-evaluating. loving. loving deep. loving hard. dusting myself off (right K?).. polishing up. shining bright. press play. Long pause. Short pause. All to say: How

  • Chubby Choc
  • put it:

    SOON COME....

    Just getting my headz together....

    but since

  • called me out, I had to holla.... lata!

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