I am from the Do or Die... Never Ran. Never Will. (Unless of course... they shootin') Easy!"
August 31, 2005
Dayum! Dayum! Dayum!
My Dad called me this morning to let me know 3 pumps.
Not one. Not two. But THREE pumps ran out of gas.
All right, are we the everyday people being too passive here, and accepting?
You would think the lives that was lost over this all, caused enough pain.
Now is a great time to go back to damn horse and buggy.
We can all grow grass.
Cause this is for the birds!
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August 28, 2005
Me 101 "Three Style"
Okay since a few of mi' blog buds, and beyond were candid and open enough to share a bit about themselves, and BossLady is the one signing my blog checks, I thought I'd be candid enough to share me in "three's" in a corky kind of way, cause hey I' like switching up repetitiveness, and pics help..lol so here goes. Puh-leeze bare with me ya'll, this kind of stuff is like standing naked in front a clothed crowd...... (oooooO i feel a draft....): Me PAST 1. i grew up in Bedsty Brooklyn 2. i use battle in block party dance competitions 3. i was the best "street" cheerleader on my block. (or so I'd like to think.... any street cheerers remember "ooo shoo wala wala) 4. i was always getting trouble in school for talking 5. Got good report cards, but slammed for talking 6. even when they moved next to the stink girl (you can't keep a good yakker down) 7. one of my favorite games was "Vextrex" 8.i also had a michael jackson doll 9. and Cabbage Patch named "Carrine" still have her baldheaded butt (i put real gold earring in her ears, gift from my grandma) 10 .m.j. was my favorite childhood artist 11.i cried when he performed billie jean on music awards 12. the first dance I learned was "the rock" (i still love "old" mike, this new one I havent a clue) 13. i went to school for the arts 14. i picked up my first bass guitar at the age of 11 15. i was in a band with emanuel lewis ("webster") (mannie said michael jackson was cool as sh_t)
16. writing is one of my passions
17. my third grade teacher pushed me told me to pursue journalism
18. i hadn't a clue about what he talking about (but i later learned he created a monster) 19. i studied opera for four years 20. i sat next to "Taj" from SWV 21. i was asked to auditon, but did not go for SWV (lee lee, could of been my spot) 22. i hosted my own radio show in college 23. i use to be in that b_tch in rain hail,sleet or snow 24. my show was called "bop your head to this" (i use to close out ever show with "Last Night a DJ saved myself")
25. i like spiders and snakes
26. my first pet was parkeets
27. i killed all of them
(accidently, I kept them too close to the heat)
Me Present 28. my biggest passion pursuit is voice overs 29. my first voice over was for spike lee 30. i got paid $25 a word ( yeah, it was only 3 words...lol!)
31. i have three things in common with mos def same bday,
32. same bday, same major, same crowd we hung in
33. we last ran into each other at pink tea cup in the village (mos and I use to do poetry at Brooklyn Moon cafe) 34. i am an early morning person 35. i get up early to meditate and gather thouts 36. on a good day i hit the gym everyday at 6am (sometimes, it hits me back to bed) 37. i gave up meat totally (again) on 7/31/2005 38. i can say I totally feel the difference, lighter, less impacted
39. i got tired of eating chicken EVERDAY sometimes 3x's a day (thought I was going to end up farting feathers)
40. i have a sweet tooth
41. i live for Miss Field's White macadamian nut cookies
42. my favroite quick snack is peanut butter and jelly
(the peanut butter has got to be "Skippy's)
43. breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day
44. i often eat breakfast for dinner
45. my favorite breakfast meal, is sweet bread with Bajan cheese
(the cheese had got to be melted)
46. i love wine
47. i have yet to go to a vineyard
48. love dessert wine best.
(wine is best in the winter)
50. i am not a big TV watcher
51. i watch on aver 2.5 hours of TV weekly
52. i just got cable for the first time this year
(i just started watching "Girlfriends", now that its in re-runs) 53. a few years back i thought i was going to "loose it "
54. i miscarried my first born, and was left feeling pretty numb
55. i cried until tears could not form anymore
( thank god for healing)
56. i am not happy in present job 57. it showcases NONE of my talents 58. i took a leap of faith and submitted my resignation (my last day will be friday)
59. i met my guy on nyc train 60. i was not attracted to him at all 61. then became intimidated by him upon getting to know him (and now I love that big cocky phool) 62. i dont mince words 63. i have been told that I have no tact 64. i always say its the curse of being a "Sag" (that, and no home training, lol) 67. i love to take pictures 68. i became a digital camera phanatic 69. i snapped pics of myself, and edited all the time (these are my eyes) 70. i hang out with Uhsista 71. i belong to a social group collective 72.i have met a cool group of new friends (uhsista is my first friend from Cali) ME future 73. i am learning to live beneath my means 74. i am tired of living pay check to pay check 75. i now i gotta find peter to rob him, just to pay paul (i feel i am closer to my break through, than I think) 76. i working on forgiving my child molestor 77. i never took on any of "his" stuff , to fuck me up in relationships 78. i never thought that is was me, or my naive fault (no that nigga, is just fucked up, i was only 6 yrs old) 79. i want to have children sooner than later 80.i keep pushing it to later, as i still got goals to meet
81. next year I plan to go to India
(now if I can just find the loot)
82.i used to be scared of success
83. i feel like i am a very talented individual
84. who was sitting on her talents
( i think I got a personality that shines)
85.i am serious when I say I want to be the next Oprah
86.i believe when you decree a thing, you birth it the way you want it
87.i am decreeing a thing
( i have sat in foolish fear long enough)
88. i am a work in progress
89. my biggest enemy has been inner me
90. i want to get a jeep
91. i like to sit high and pretty
92. i want to first pay of my car
(which is no time soon)
93. i plan on going back to school again
94. i plan on conquering my battle with math
95. i want to get my masters
96. i am a complete nut
97. i would die if there was no humor
98. love humor in a guy (gal too)
(if I can just strike my guys funny bone)
99. i am a compassionate person
100.i am constantly evolving and shedding layers of me like an onion
101. i often shed "happy" tears along with them too
( i was earlier as I wrote some of this, thank you all for reading)
I hope I have abused no one attention span!
( but somebody out in blog land, made this shit 101?!?!?!? lol)
I just wanted to obliged, and show some love back for the folks who shared with me.
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August 25, 2005
DISCLAIMER: To all the men out there, arm yourselves
with one of these!!!
Boy what a difference a day makes, cause today my momentum is L-o-o-w. Just not feeling it today. Actually I not feeling for people, and I'm on a very short fuse, so I hope my "micro managing" boss stays away!
Side note: Don't you just hate "micro managers..." Have you ever thought of knocking your boss' block off??? What about a dear unsupsecting associate, or flaky friend. Why is during this time of the month, we women feel to tell the god "awful" truth to someone, in the most "blunt" of ways (whom I'm kidding, I'm blunt everyday).
What was the big deal about this apple that Eve bit, that we women are still serving her felon sentence to this day???? What was in it darn apple anyway,
Eden version of "pcp?"
(Last I checked an apple was suppose to be good for ya) But... no God saw it other wise, and thus sentenced Eve/Women to be aware of our bodies, endure God awful labor pains, and have a monthly "horrid" reminder called our PERIODS... where in much we get to express our gratitude for this gift from Eve, with feelings of: sadness, anger, lost, down, clingy, worried, woke-up-this-morning-and-got-myself-gun, junk food cravings, not to mention the different degrees of menstrual cramps, and one tell tale sign that the gift is coming from Eve each month is our "MOODINESS." (Pay attention fellas, I had a roomate who use to mark mine and his girlfriends time down on his calendar, and stay clear those days. Smart guy).
Now what did God give all the "Adams" of the world, oh took it easy on them.
Morning Hard Ons, Jock Itch, occasional Blue Balls (and I due mean occasional, cause you can always call "Hannah" and her five sisters). Oh yeah and how could I forget he sentened them to watch PORNO. Way to Go God! Look out for your Boyz.
If I remember correctly Adam bit the damn apple too, which makes him an accomplice, he should of gotten a stiffer sentence, oh yeah (some of) ya'll did (Receding Hairlines, and mid life crisis... can't say the trade off is fair) But then again, I've seen some of ya'll behind the ear hair lines... lol!
All right God we're even.
(By the way...Are you a woman? lol)
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August 24, 2005
Richard on the Brain...
Tonight is one of those nights, when
I have "Richard" on the brain... better known as "Dick."
I'd be down to play a game of
"naked tag" with Richard.
Has anyone seen Richard?!?!?!?
Tell him. He's it!
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Pinching Lint
I watched her. She walked into the shop and immeditately rushed over to item as if it was marked "Free Please Take." The speediness in her pace drew my attention to her, broke my own shop mode pace. To her dissappointment, the price was not right, as she put the item down quickly as if it were hot as coal, and burned her upon touch. I watched her continue this "too hot to touch" ritual, as she went from item to item. Pick up. Look at price. Put down. Pick up. Look at price. Put down. She started to annoy the f_k out of me. "Ureka" she found something... for $3.95, I heard her tell another friend, then I watched her go to the counter and pull a bill out of her pocket. It was apparently the only bill in her pocket, but she still "pinched it" as she was giving in to the sales lady, like she had more in her hand. This made me think, what the f_k esle could she be pinching "lint?" It was not her apparent frugal like nature that bothered me so... heck we all want good stuff for a cheap(er) price, or at wholesale cost, but for the fact, that there was NO quality to her frugal-ness. NO concern for the actually product she was purchasing... Its seems like she just wanted something for a cheap price, NO matter what. She then put me in mind of cheap people, who want to get over on you not matter what.
She instantly struck past in experiences with me, in cheap people whom I come across, you may know some them describe below:
The "Pinching Lint Shopping /Borrowing Buddy"
This is a friend that always wants to buy shit, hang out.. eat out, but has not money, so they ask you to buy, charge, or borrow. Here's my answer. How about. No. Go Diet. Go Vintage, and Go Salvation Army. Side Note: Oh and don't let them have habits, that you don't engage in like "smoking cigs" Ummmm I'm not giving you $10 of my hard earn money to support you nasty smelly clothes cig habit. But I will buy you the "patch" for xmas. The "Pinching Lint" Date:
This person offers to take you out, but has no real money, (and that's ok, be inventive, but don't offer me champagne taste on koolaid pockets) these type of people expect you to go dutch. My answer. Nope, sorry. How about, let's discuss those rules upon asking out, and not when the bill comes. "The Pinching Lint" Resturant Friend:
You may know this person very well. It's the friend that goes out to eat with you, (or you and a group) and they always forget to add tax and TIP. And you (and the group) are always coming up short, cause their "pinching lint ass" is always coming up short with their half of the bill. "The Pinching Lint" Gas Guzzler:
For all you drivers out there, you might feel me, when you have a friend or guy/gal who you may be seeing, who thinks nothing of it to hop in your car and go, because they think nothing of it to feel that b_tch up either. Mind you, these folks love the convenience of "YOUR" car, but are shocked if you ask them for gas money. Whoah. You soon to be drivers, you'll see. "The Pinching Lint" Utility User:
Now this is a person, mostly someone who you are dating, or a roommate (perfect example) who comes over to your house, and gets comfortable, and thinks nothing about the utilities you have to pay for, because they leave every f_kin thing on! And don't you dare ask them to pay a "therm" on that light bill, they look at you, like you're buggin, b/c they did not use that much light, gas, or hot water... My ass U didn't. Now these folks would not come to your house if you had no electricity, no gas, no hot water, there'd be no fun it that... well can same can be said, when you see your bill due to folks inconsideration, since a bill is NOT coming in their name. *Whew* I had to get that off my chess... when I saw that lady it was like an acid head, have flashback traces... cause, she reminded me of all the aforementioned, as I saw traces of them in her.
(That well, but soon learnedtheir ass was cheap)
or maybe, their in your family...
we all have some cheap (rich) relatives?!?!
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August 22, 2005
Hey DJ, Won't You Play that Song.... (EDITED)
Disclaimer: All right Bloggers and Bloggettes.... it won't be too much of this taggin' businesss for me... as I tend not to do anything "chain" like... let's just say I've had my full.. and it can very old, very fast... taggin, fwd, chaining all that jazz.
So I'm switching up my replying, and giving songs
I like to hear
I edited my list this morning, slightly, thought of better ones Brooklyn Babe's TOP TEN "In the Dark" Songs (use your imagination.... ) 10. "Moments of Love" - by Art of Noise 9. "I wanna Be Your Man" - by Roger 8. "Making Love in the Rain" - by Albert, Herbert, 4get??? (f. Janet Jackson) 7. "These Dreams" - by Heart 8. "Tender Love" - by Force MD's (Oops can't U tell I've been sippin, that suppose to be "6"...lol) 5. "In the Air Tonight" - by Phil Collins 4. "Come Back Home" - by Beres Hammond 3. "Adore" - by Prince 2. "Feel So Good" - by Terrence Trent Darby 1. "Sweetest Taboo" -by Sade

That's wassup.

Now if you'd like, I like to hear what some of ya'll like to hear "IN THE DARK."

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August 21, 2005
something about a sunday....
that makes you ho-o-R-rny for a friday
rush foreplay, while you tickle with a saturday
Just to stay "knee deep" in rapture with a Sunday
(and just when you got into your Sunday rhythm.
the *alarm* breaks and you just birth Monday!)
*Foiled Again*
Night Ya'll
(or Morning!)
don't work too hard, its only monday!
brooklyn babe, over and out!
(Everyone has something they may do, only on sundays, they fine, share yours, if any)
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August 20, 2005
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe8/20/2005  0 you don't say?
August 18, 2005
Call Me Sugah!!!!
Okay here's a quick Chemistry Lesson!
(Allow me to take you back for a sec, to some sh_t that you really didn't pay that much attention to in elementary school, and if you did, good for YOU! You may now move up to the head of the class, so we can throw some spit balls @ that back of your head! *jokes*) A solution is a mixture of a solute and solvent, you need one in order to "trigger" the other, so to speak. For example, sugar is a solute, and water is a solvent to sugar. Well Jumpin-Jehovah-Fats.... Just call me Sugar!!!!
I came across this reference in a book the other day, and I felt like f_kin' Neo just discovering the Matrix.
EACH one of us, is like that of "sugar," and we're all out there searching for a Solvent, something that will dissolve you, thus creating a new exciting mixture of "you." Sure each ingredient on its own, is unique within its own right, but how f_kin fantastic, that something can be added to "you" to develop a whole new you. Man I'm all about "new" me's.
For some of us, the solvent is right under our nose, within our grasp, or we're just being to blind to see, or plain scared to try a new "me" mix! And that's all fine and dandy if you want to make your solvent to that of a Romeo and Juliet tragedy, where love (water) will be the "dissolver" of you (sugar), or you'll just die....lol.
Meaning another human being is needed to dissolve you, but that type of mixture, usually comes after you've created your own mixture (sugar and water), thus mixing with his/her "sugar and water...." and if you're like me, many of us have be creating some "funky" mixes.
Applying the funky mixes I've made, to real life, looking back they have landed me in "undesirable" jobs, relationships, and bad habits, in which they all lead me to believe, that they all "dissolved" me, they were all my water. That if I just get this job, that shoe, this guy, that body, I would be dissolved.... but one good thing about chemistry, is that is all about the experiement!
And let's just say I have had some GOOD experiments, and some straight up WHACK ASS experiments! Lol.
Okay enough about me.....
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August 12, 2005
I Knew Him When.....
WE ALL HAVE GHOST, SOMEONE FROM OUR PAST, THAT THE STORY NEVER ENDED, DID US WRONG, OR LEFT US WONDERING, THESE GHOST CAN BE BIG, OR THIS GHOST CAN BE VERY SMALL, BUT EVERY ONCE IN A BLUE, THEY HAUNT US... We use to fuck. Nothing long and drown out like pages in a Harlequin romance novel, where comas seem to go on forever, never quite bringing a sentence to a close; No we were much more straight forward than that, like an exclamation point. We went right to it! Fuck a comma, We were much more functional than that. We use to fuck, cause we were both at the same place, at the same time in our lives, sharing the same stories, and who would of thought, we'd end up here, and then "there" in between the pseudo sheets. We didn't know, since we both knew each other "When:"
When front teeth just came back in, and moms was still doing your hair,
and school lunch tickets was the shit
When coke bottle glasses, and reject sneakers, and 3 o'clock beat down were in full affect,
When baby fat still tugged at adolescent loins, and hard on's was an embarrassing no no
When halloweens had curfew, and streetlights on meant you were late
When downtown was the shit, to get a pair of "uptowns" just to get around
When girls was trading naps for presses, and boys were sticking fingers under dresses
When Rebooks came in all colors, and rope chains went double, and to match ur 2 finger ring
But we didn't know 10 years later, we'd end up in knowing each other in other ways, I still remember the day we met up again. It was a moderately warm day, and my mood was nothing special. I had just gotten off work, and didnt feel like going straight home, so I took the train out to my favorite stop, which was one stop from my house, just to breathe and walk around for a bit. I had thought that I heard my name, but gave it no thought that someone was really calling me. I was that deep in thought, until the voice got closer, and I was like:
"Oh snap. Wassup?"
He: "Say Word." "I thought that was you, you cut your locks."
Me: "Yup." I'm a doing me back in 2 yrs, it was two fucking hot out here, you cut yours too I see..."
He: Yeah I got tired of em, and I started to go lil bare on the top, and I aint trying to be like the dude with the half moon, on top.
We both laugh.
He: Yeah,P___ told me you was out here, but he didn't have your number, he said you went out there to go see him, how was it?
Me: Nice. He got a nice spot, facing the beach, whole house to himself, pool, the island is nice, you should go. Check your boy.
He: Yeah I know, I know, I got make peace with that, and visit him, we had kind of fell off.
Me: Yeah he told me, but ya'll were like peanut butter and jelly back in the day, didnt see one with out seeing the other, I surprise you aint made it out there.
He: "I know, but what you doing around this way, you gotta give me your number so we can link up"
Me: "No doubt, I live out this way."
He: Say word, I'm up the block from here.
Me: Hmmmmm I see.
We talked on that train station platform for another hour, about present careers, and what lead us here, and about our upward mobile aspirations, we shared car "lemon" stories that lead riding mass transit, and how stranded we felt with out our whips. And how ironic it was that we two would meet up, by chance.
Didn't take him long to call, came over, I had cooked din. It was weird how comfortable we were with one another, since we were never really friends. Even though back in the day, we ran in the same circles, went to the same classes, shared the same after school activities, we hardly talked for conversational sake, just more on a salutations tip. "Wassup." He always spoke, but never talked to me like that. We had "mutual friends" one being his boy, and long time friend, who later became one of my best (platonic) friends.
Back in school he always dated "B" girls, the one the type who went out with "B" boys
(B-Boy or B-Girl's = is a 1980's slang for a girl or guy who's always, I repeat always in fashion)
He had become a B-boy, and that gave him elite "freshman" status to date "senior" high school girls. He began to act cute on some of us, not in a rude way, but just a lil cocky, didn't hurt my feeling none,I didn't like him, but my homegirl did... never thought of him in that way to feel crushed by it, and its not like we were ever friends, we just knew each other ....."when."
Now here he is sitting across my table having dinner, we're reminiscing, and exchanging past memories, memories that involved our "mutual" comrades that kept us in the know with each other. We laughed, knowing laughs. Deep felt laughs, those no-words-needed-to-express kind of laughs. We're therapy for each other, we were both kind of homesick, kind of blue, kind of jilted from recent break ups, and we we're both kind of diggin the moment....
We had started to carve our own "familiar" niche, knowing each other in now-a-days ways... unveiling masks that we never thought about sharing. We both shared a love for wine, as he would often come over with a bottle, and put me on to new and different taste, open my taste buds up in new ways... I began to let my "now B-girl" guard down for him, as he was no longer that "B-Boy" that I knew, even if traces still could be seen from a peripheral view.
And that's how it all started, short, but deep, intense "fucking."
Neither one of us, didn't act like we didn't have a recent past, that lead us "shipwrecked" on our own gillians island... we were "rebound mates" with benefits, since we knew each other "when." Some months went on, and he became a stamp in my life that said "Here." Made me feel like I was among the priorities in his present and "friends" accounted for life.
He invited me out to parties, where we would both flirt with others, while flirting with each other on the dance floor, we had no shame, I'd let him smack my ass, while I grind up on him on the wall, we had to represent, some true brooklyn basement parties, even if the light were on...lol.
We were therapy for each other. Two home sick individuals... who took long drives together back home, while sharing and creating our own stories.
He'd pick me up from work, take me out to breakfast (we switch off, on who's treating who) do the movies, or catch a cocktail. When I moved my furniture over to a new place, but still needed to spend some time in my old apt, but had NO furniture, he came over, and slept on the bare floor with me, nothing but a chinese mat, tiny lamp, black/white tv and 2 comforters. We snuggled, and then some. Since it was winter now... we became "warm therapy" for each other.
Then spring rolls in, and we're back on the dating seen, neither one of us, seems to be filling each other in on details, but it doesnt stop our "HERE" stamp, or at least I didn't. Then one day, as if I never saw him on the train, never had him in my house, across from my table, on my chinese mat, my body against his. He's gone.
We go back to mutual friend status, another homeboy (platonic) calls me up, and tells me that he'll be in town, he want to see us both, wants to know if I ever linked with "Therapy Man" since I relocated, I told him we linked up for spell, totally down played any of our affairs, and give him "therapy mans" number. I then hear later thru the grapevine that my once Warm Therapy man" my revisited-friend-who-never-was, has got a new girl and plans on moving in with her, next month. As all of the sudden we're back at "Mutual Friend," status 2nd hand news, back to a b-boy stanze???? WTF!
I never hid my back-in-my-life-no-longer-an-ex-but-not-quite-my-man-again, to him. If anything, I told him about him upfront, in the middle, and towards the end. After all, we were therapy. Thinking back, he would go kind of silent, when ever I played phone messages, but I didnt think nothing of it, as he had his. And now I hear this news thru the "Mutual Grape Vine..."
My body goes hot, my anger cannot mask, I am hurt, b/c I knew therapy man "WHEN." Shit I I knew that n_a "Now."
And now he wanna act like he don't know me at all.
Aint that some shit.
So today when I see a car, like his, I went into "auto-memory mode", start putting some pedal to gas, to see if I could catch a face, remember his plates, remember his face.... Didn't even realize that some old one year old shit started to flare right then and there, and it was then I remembered.
I no longer know him now.... I only knew him "when."
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe8/12/2005  25 you don't say?
August 08, 2005
Dear Bossless,
I hope this letter finds you at the height of "micro-managing" ecstasy. As it gives me great pleasure to announce my " own" promotion from "formerly miss understood " to "presently mis' behavin'." In this new position, I will have much more power, more "macro managing" of myself, as I will be squashing old archaic ways, and breaking old manure-fertilized grounds, and freshening stink stereotypical air beyond heights unimaginable; But first I have to give you a little history on me, and how I came to be in this new position, I present it to you in the form of a revelation. The following are noteworthy contributions of the "me" you just do not see: The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a butterfly, adding beauty to any landscape, like that captured in a picture, which no words could ever speak. The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a bee, putting in hours of labor to create honeycomb, producing mounds of golden honey, but never yellow defeat. The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a flower or plant, "potted" but not rooted deep, able to transplant anew, as growth in tiny inches turn into gigantic feet. The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a horizon setting upon the sea, you can admire it from afar, but to go near, will only make me flee The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a dream catcher, only desiring a blissful sleep, trapping nightmares in a net, and letting sound souls at rest be. The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a rare and endangered bird, flying free, no tree to big or too small, to embark on, or limb to weak to support me. The "me" you do NOT see: Is like that of a prophecy, fulfilling destinies untold, while you still sit in bondage of hypocrisy. The "me" you do NOT see: Does not live inside of you, for you have long lost who you were, when you became the ghost that haunts you. Sad but true.Which is why you are Bossless, or is that ball less. Sincerely, Me (C) August 2005, "Rise Magazine", Editorial Section 107C-p88, Author Sudani
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August 04, 2005
Not the Monroe I know....
Today I went to go see a client who I'm going to be doing some promotional work for out in Monroe GA,I knew it was far, out there and a bit country, but I love the great out doors, country side... love horses, green pastures... and what they hey, I'm down for a nice afternoon drive. This city girl can switch it up even now and then.....Now for ya'll who don't know where Monroe GA is, get a map and I show you.....its a quaint lil town sandwhich right in between WEST and BUBBLE PHUCK. Now the only Monroe I knew before today, sits in bedsty brooklyn. It has traffic lights, and 3 story buildings, fire hydrants, and bodega on every corner, oh and not to mention PEOPLE!!!!!! Now nix all that sh_t, and welcome to Monroe, GA. "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Not the kind of place you want to be after dark... as I'm driving alone this lone dusty road, its narrows, the paved road turns to a gravel, and Ford F150's become a blast from the past dusty blue pick up trucks, with white wall tires... a deep sense of southern patriotism blooms in the air... I feel like I'm deep in the heart of texas....lol. Country music blares past me like sirens on a fire trucking whizzing on by. I am in an episode of the Dukes of Hazard, some where boss hog, is sitting eating some chicken, and tell rosco to fetch him some more. I am not happy. Its dinner time, and I'm hungry, hot, and allergic to hay...

The sun has set, and the humidity is cooling down, I wish I could say the same for my pressure, because the deeper I drive along this lonely road, the fewer and fewer the houses get, the longer the spaces are in between each neighbor, which gives the appearance that you have no neighbors.... nice... but a lil too country for me...what was country "townish" is now tumbleweed, cows, and horses, and goats. Gases stations are now replaced with Horse stops, to tighten horeshoes... WTF?!?!? I keep looking back to see that Dukes of Hazard car in view, and daisy riding in her dukes. I finally find the ranch I've been looking for, there is no driveway, just a muddy trail up to a big wide gate, that encloses some horses, and a goat.There is no bell, well "formal" traditional bell, but a "COW" bell. To ring, in order to summon my client that I am here.The house sits about a half a mile away from me... how in the st francis is he suppose to hear me. I rattle and rattle that cow bell, I hope I don't get stampeded. Nothing happens.

After some longs moment of waiting, and watching the sun set deeper. My common sense wakes from its slumber. I hear a voice say.."Run Toto. Run." A smile returns when I see the first city traffic light some 30 minutes later. Man if I'm tripping off a Dukes and Hazard moment, I don't know how I could take it some 20 years back, same scenario, but it would seem like lil house on the praire then. Whoah?!?!

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August 03, 2005
The Art of Conversation
you speak in silence. i listen. agreeing with your every unspoken thought. i stroke ur essence question its depth in mathematics with my hand it answers back eagerly teaching me how to calculate L= W x H i now understand i hunger to learn your language your native tongue speaks only bush on cue you awaken my translator who stutters upon your every word. you quiz me on philosophy as I write sonnets on your anatomy we study science together creating a lethal aphrodisiac mix i teach you history in sign language how past souls declared independence thru touch we gyrate to ancestral drums while connecting to a tribal beat evoking spirits of lovers long passed your breathing melodious quickens mine plays twin. I love the art of this kind of conversation. Especially how it begins. -Sudani, Writer August 2005 (c)
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