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July 26, 2006
Her Trip, His Fall (REWIND...)
She planned a trip for him.

One that involved hiking but no gear... pictures but no camera...and talking with no words. A trip with unpaved, untraveled, and winding roads. Where signs read:

"D.T.B.D "

(Destination to be Determined)

He obliged the invitation,

with eager yet subdued thought; to embark on an adventure that had been marinating in blissful innocence; a trip where he sat shotgun, fully loaded (but she held the trigger).

With a signified map at hand, he followed the signs, discovered short cuts, and then discovered it was much better to take the long enthralled scenic route.

They got lost,

as they discovered historical sites, and took mental notes for future private smiles.

As Panaramic snap shots forever stain the glimpses of their mind.

Then the story flips, as HIS trip, becomes HER fall.

As Norah Jones coos on....

"Her Trip, His Fall" by S. Thorne, Stolen Moments; Collection of Short Stories, Moore Black Press 2006
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/26/2006  36 you don't say?
July 08, 2006
Dear Blog Fam,

We have contact!

For those of you who hit me on I M, via email, tele, or left comments here.

Thank you. It's like you have this extended family of "electronic" folks, who you connect with, and become meshed and woven into their electronic world, lives, and persona, and you theirs. I've edited, and still up grading/adding my links, so I will be in "click" of all of you shortly.

Bk Babe is here. Mourning done (but not forgotten). And in a "summer state" of mind.

Can I tell you.... I don't feel like doing JACK!!!!

Have a GOOD case of Summer Fever... as I have been doing nothing but weekend lounging, long walks soaking in breezes, head hung down in book after book, sipping "spiked" passion fruit lemonade. (Whispering now: Can you keep a secret? I've also having midnight conversation of foreplay as an appetizer, until a main course of midnight summer sweat and jungle gym can be played..Sssssh!)

Yup. Its summer, and I don't feel like doing a damn thing, but enjoying it.

Hope you all are too.

Breathe Easy,

Bk Babe

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/08/2006  30 you don't say?

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