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June 16, 2006
Savor the Flavor.
Ten years ago. I nearly died.

If hadn't been found by a very special person.

No Bk Babe would here today. Or I would probably be a vegetable if I were not found.

Funny. That near death experience is hard to remember.

Being so close to death... and not even having a clue.


And now...

Ten years later. That person is gone.

And Bk Babe could not return the favor.

All I can do is

Savor the Flavor...

of our memories.

And I want to THANK them, for saving my life!

I want to thank them for even being in my life, to save my life!

I want to THANK them for having life, and having it more abundantly.

Today I get to say my FINAL thank you in person... what a hard "thank U" to say...

Life is funny. Its sends out no post cards, or bill collector reminders, to tell the end is near. I would of never known just bumping into this person just 3 short weeks ago, ALIVE and well. That they would not be here to day. You know even if life did send out calls like that... we still would not answer; after all... who wants to answer "death?".... You've seen how the Grim Reaper gets treated... he's not getting any invitations.... but somehow some way.... sublimal messages are sent to our subconsciousness... and those messages *nag* and *tag* at us to reach out and CONNECT.... and just as with the many "to do" task on our list, we put it in that LATER box. Now I've learned sometimes LATER never comes....

Rest in Peace

Mi Tia...

(my auntie)

January 23, 1952 - June 11, 2006

"These tears I shed, are happy ones..."


I hope to see you again...

MUCH Later.

With Much Love,

Bk Babe

(still shedding..)

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June 07, 2006
Humming (n) To sing a melody or song, through a closed mouth. OR to have some breathe that is kicking... a song, no one wants to hear you sing. You smell me?

So I'm on the train the other day, and I smell this tropical fruity kind of watermelon smell.

I sniff out it's direction.

A-ha! Smell detected.

Its coming from this chick standing next to me at the door.

It's chewing gum.

Can I tell you my private fetish with fruity chewing gum... I must devour ALL tropical fruit flavor, I know brand and flavor just by the smell.

Chewing gum phantic that I am, I quickly decided that as soon as I get off the train, I must buy me this gum!!!!

But wait... I'm meeting up with my boy... if this gum was tantilizing my nose hairs, I got to have me some now, so it can be in my walking atmosphere...

So I politely asked the young lady, if she had a peice of gum to spare. She gave me two.


Well, since me and boy were doing dinner, I blatantly put my "still-got-flavor" juice on my hand. It'll be dessert. (Yup. No shame. I savor the flavor)

After din... we bid our adues, and I make my way over to the bookstore.

While perusing through the Business section, this dude comes up to me and tries to start a conversation.

Thing is. His breath came up to me FIRST.

Beat him to the punch, thus, I didn't not want to meet him, since he breath killed the intro.

But dude was persistent, and his breathe was even more persistent, relentless even, his breathe didn't give a hoot, that I was offended, on the verge of vomit. About to smack the crap out of him, with each blow he sent my way. And I'm trapped down this aisle.

So I try to take the "higher' less hot air road, and tilt my head to the side, out of direct fire of his breathe. Then I remember!



I make like I have to go in my wallet, and the gum is sititng right there.

I offer.

He takes!

YES! Check mate.

I wait.

And wait.


Why am I not smelling watermelon... WHY?

His breathe, devoured the whole watermelon flavor... this is bigger than just bad breath here folks! *Shaking my head* And here I thought cleanliness is suppose to be "next" to Godliness... hmph!.

Now I'm pissed.

I had plan on chewing that 2nd piece of gum, now that my flavor was gone from my gum. As I quickly departed from him. My temper slowly started to cool down however, when I got back outside, and resumed chewing on my flavorless gum... ....Ahhhhh thus my watermelon fragrant bliss returns, and so does my calm "fresh" breath mood. Breathe Fresh, Bk Babe
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June 03, 2006
From Money
Door man. Grand Lobby. Padded leather seats in the elevator. Elevator floor pushed BEFORE you step in the elevator....Announced upon arrival. Two Butlers. Caviar. Asparagus and Endless wine. Left wing. Right wing.... a true Central Park view apartment.... a perfect "Classic 6."

Last night I was in the company of money. I had been invited out to an event, a fundraiser for an organization to promote "peace." Cute. The event was held in one of the board members' home, a true Classic 6.

What's a Classic 6, you might ask? (I'm so glad you asked..I did... just note; the operative word here is CLASSIC)

SIX bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 dens, wine gallery, slight split level kitchen apartment, equipped with maid, butler, and cook, all which spells one thing:


Cute. What I noticed, while brushing elbows holding glasses of wine at this promotion PEACE event...was the fact that practically all of the attendees here, had a "PEACE" of mind, in that they were all "from money." I quickly learned just by watching who was FROM money, and who was *NEW* to money. I observed that the "FROM money" or OLD money if you will... had a sense of reserve about them, no sense of eagerness just calm, cool, and collect. Better summed up as DULL. Lacking luster for life..... Yeah, something about that living NO pay-check-to-check... that will just DULL your worries. I tell ya.... lol.

But some how sitting amongst the trust fund babies, and trust fund creators, I no desire to trade places. No desire to DIM my light, and rob me of my luster for life. I still get excited if I find an extra couple of dollars in my purse or pocket. And don't let it be a good handful of change, I'm cheesing. Gives me a good feeling to know, that I made a sacrafice at some point to not "spend it all..." So I can have a rainy day $1 to find. Woo-hoo!

It is written that the poor shall be honored, and the rich, humbled. I think I understand that statement truly now, as I watched the "OLD" $ mix with the NEW $. That *NEW* money holders, SMILED more with satisfaction, acted more animated, quick to jump at the skimpy hor'duerves, as if they were entitled to it... like they deserved it too... for now they are "WITH" money. They had "arrived." Ha!

I had to laugh, because "WITH" money and "FROM" money, see things 2 totally different ways. Just like the proven fact, that many LOTTO winners who win big, in a few years, are Right Back where they started. Broke. (Ain't that some ish...?)

You can a learn a lot from watching.

Last night I secretly hoped someone would ask me which side I was from, so I could answer....

"Oh me, why I'm from BILLS!"


Bk Babe

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