I am from the Do or Die... Never Ran. Never Will. (Unless of course... they shootin') Easy!"
May 26, 2006
I'm Sayin?!?

Save some for me!


Hope your Memorial Day is good and Easy on the Belt!

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May 19, 2006
5 Births of Babe...Friday (Day 5)
Friday's child is loving and giving.... Today I gave into an extra 1/2 hour of sleep as I listened to a concert of rain beat against my window pane. Bless. I gave my pillow a 5 minute bon vonyage kiss. Parting is such SWEET sorrow.....
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May 18, 2006
5 Births on Bk Babe...Thursday (Day 4)
Thursday's child has far to go... Today I went the old fashion route, and dropped artistic postcard in the mail to a long time bud, whom we've lost contact. Came across his address... I hope he's surprised.

Also I hope hasn't moved! (Side bar: No one mails cards any more, I intend to revisit....)

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May 17, 2006
5 births of Bk Babe... Wednesday ( Day 3)
Wednesday's child is full of "woe." Today was my first day back in the gym (AGAIN) after one week. Sweat never felt so PAINFULLY good. WHOAH! (Daytime sweat that is....)
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May 16, 2006
5 births of Bk Babe... Tuesday (Day 2)
Tuesday's child is full of grace....

Today I gracefully handed my credit card over to the cashier, with a smile to match hers, as this dress was $50 over the "tax free" limit. I didn't care... I wanted that dress!
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May 15, 2006
5 Births of Bk Babe... Monday ( Day 1)
Monday's child is full of face.... .....today I brought myself some flowers, boy did that birth an unstrained smile on my face.
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May 05, 2006
Think I'll even Blog Today...
Woke up on the Sunny Side of the Bed this morn'....

Sup Bloggers... It's been a minute, still here, just gotta take bloggin in waves, BIG waves. I intend to stick to my goals, and new years plan, and for me, So in essence..its still the new years... but one Blogger I definitely got to shout out, cause he's reads definitely keep a sista connected to bloggin and entertained at times.... is Organized Noise.. brotha musta be taking Bloggin Class...lol! And don't think I haven't peeped that Mshim... has come up with some spicy tid bits too... so I will be making my broad bloggin rounds today... cause work is mellow at the moment! Yes!

I don't know why I'm in such a good mood... but I just am. Actually....you shouldn't even have a reason to be in a good mood... Good moods should be undefineable just like this. Truly...

Where something didn't have to "happen" in order to move you there. You just wake up.... and BAM! You're happy.... such is this day/week, considering..... things can always be better, but thank GOD there not worse.... but in all honesty I can accredit some things to my good mood today, so here's a blessing count this week:

- Mom surprised me and placed $100 "for-no-reason-lil-gift" in my account, that was a nice surprise... God bless mommies.

- My biological Dad gave me a nice shout out, we use to be thick as theives, but time, distance and my "hair" had seperated us, (my Dad hated when I grew locks) and here I thought it was because I started doing the "do."

- After a few *Ouch* tickets and my car being towed some weeks back... where NO sign was posted... I finally went and saw the judge, beat my tickets, got my $$$ back, small victory for the home team. NYC is no place for cars! But everybody got one... it seems. And the NYC tow team, are like the mob... Vick your shit, and pay us to get it back!

- Something is definitely brewing in the love dept, but I'm not doing any stirring, I'm leaving the UPstairs hands. Nuff said.

- I have quit my pro bono work as a uncertified therapist of being a "sponge" for hearing people and there problems, last 2 months I was so drained by being "Miss Listen to Everybody" that I had to put the brakes on all of that... and you know what... it feels good. Silence is good. Listen to your own voice folks! I do... (but I can't say, I have not been "Miss Please Listen to Me" too, so I'm not going there).

- Kobe Bryant brought the SMACK down last night with 50 points. YO! I have a new found (once) again respect for that cat... He does COCKY well! A lot players wanna knock him b/c Kobe didn't earn his "street" credit in no concrete jungle court. Okay, given. Kobe was quite polished with Dad sending him off to Italy to "train" to play ball. But you can't deny... its innate in that fine specimen of a man... and it just goes back to it ain't where, you from, its where you at.

- Finally seeing a lil results in the work out dept, I have being doing at least 3 miles a day. Which some days can seem like 10 miles. And let me tell ya... that aint no joke. I would like to train for 5k. But we all know how it goes with "likes.." lol. So I'm keep it at just a "like!"

Lastly, FREE L'IL KIM!!! Just becasue we don't like what she did to her face, does not mean that warrants a year in jail... Plus, this track is hot! Lil Kim took it back to ole skool, with the "No Snitching" too many turn state's evidence on they grandma's in a minute...lol.... yeah, yeah, she lied, we get that, so does the Gov't... but half of them aint in jail because of it...

Be Easy,

Bk Babe

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe5/05/2006  20 you don't say?

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