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December 23, 2005
A Bk Kissmas!
Taking a moment out from my Blog Break to say.....
Wassup Blog Fam!
I am in such good spirits,
I wanted to spread the love, the Bk Babe way...

A "potted" plant can grow but so far.....
(how many of us are surrounded by folks who are stumpin' our growth?)
Wishing you and yours a " growing" holiday season!
Here's to life spreading roots
Love Bk Babe
(Seal With A Bk Babe Kiss)
Merry Kissmas to all, and to all a kissin' Good Night!
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December 16, 2005
Gone DEEP Southern Fried Fishing!!!
Okay I'm ATL Bound... about to get my swirl on @ Green Apple on Main Street, my karoke @ Pepper's in Jonesboro, my Soul expensive Veg on, MY WEST END MALL stroll, my "COLLID PARK" hit up, MY "Decatur where its GREATER" pass thru, my Raheem's Fish Spot, (man to his have the best "fish salad" ) Getting my Memorial Drive on....LENOX MALL will see me Not! I'll be too busy and Dekalb Farmers Market, and hit up Lil Five Point boutiques and pop on in @ Sevenada......

But before I do all of that... I gotta vent, ok so here goes

START VENT NOW: Today after driving some miles to GA, I got a flat. Thank God not along the way.. I asked FIVE. Not one, not two, not three not FOUR but, F I V E brothas.

One couldn't leave the shop.

Two told me I was pretty, but he had to get back to work. Three said thru his cigarette pursed lips grunting, he too had to go back to work. Four told me he run his empty Payless shoe store. Five, well you get the picture.

Now brothas, I'm not saying ya'll not out there, but today... after some 900 some miles, "negative," damn sure I've been helped "plenty of times" from by brothas, but today, "negative." But I'm venting, not holding a grudge, just venting. I'm sure we (black) women, and women in general, have let you down in one way or the other, but all a sista wanted was "her doughnut put on."

Jill Scott song and summed this up best, BROTHAS matter fact ALL men, this is for you.....
can pay my own light bill baby....Pump my own gas..... in my own car ... I can buy my own shoe collection........I've been blessed thus far.......I can kill the spider above my bed.........Although it's hard because I'm scared............I can even stain and polyurethane............But some things just don't change I need you.....

Sometimes so hard to say......

I need you

Some things remain.......I can buy my own groceries baby.........Get my hair tight........, my nails right.......I can floss my own bling-bling..........Write the the words to the songs I sing..............I can even raise the child we'll make..........Make sure he's loved and knows what God gave us........I can teach him how to walk and stand.........

But I need you to help him be a man

We need you

Some things don't change....

I could be congresswoman or a garbage woman..... Or police officer.... or a carpenter....I could be a doctor and a lawyer....Or a mother and a Good God,... whatcha done to me Kind of lover I can be.....I could be a computer analyst....The queen with the nappy hair, raising her fist...Or I could be much more and a myraid of this.....Hot as the summer........Sweet as the first kiss..........

And even though I can do all these things

I need you

And even though I can do all these things

We need you

(And you need us too)

~Okay end of vent~
I'LL have limited comp ACCESS and I could use a lil net away time...
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December 08, 2005
Da' BK Nominees
For my 50th post, I decided to switch it up and pay homage in my corky own way to some of the blogger out there who leave a lil blog footprint on a Bk Babe's mental... So let's go to "Da Bk Nominees"

And "Da Bk Babe Nominees" .....
...for first one to comment on Bk Babe's Page goes to:
Humanity Critic
Bajan Queen (BQ)

.....for the first Bk Babe blogger peek goes to:
Organized Noise
Humanity Critic

....for the most comical "day in a life of a blogger" Bk loves to read goes to:
Knock Out Zed
Chubby Chocolate
Dee- Dee
Brotha Buck$$
And that blogger who wrote about shaving her privates!

....for the bloggers who say it best with a funny pic:
Brotha Buck
N Estacy
...for the blogger I like to get on plane and visit their hood and I shall:
Chubby Choc
Zed Munkee
High Maintenance
(make room ya'll!)

....for the horniest bloggers out their by Bk Babe
Living Single
Me Crazy Me
Foxy Brown
Diamonds, Rubies and Cola Pop
Black Casear
Serial Dater
Brown Soul
Courtney Elizabeth
No Pussy 4 U
Zed Munkee
Princess Dom
Oh heck this list goes on and on!!
Most Unique Personal Page, Bk Babe has not seen anywhere else:
Proactiff Miz Powder Pink

......for the deep in thought Bloggers that make Bk Babe go hmmmm:
Dr Deborah Serani
Eye N Eye
Man in Motion
Brotha Code
Miz Powder Pink
for the corky writer in them that Bk Babe digs:
High Maintenance Hussy
Zed Munkee
Mid Life Crisis
Brotha Buck

for the most to IM Bk Babe on a dateless Saturday and keep her I M company:

...for the less frequent to update bloggers Bk Babe click's across lol:
Sonya Red
Miz Pink
Cutie (you won babes!!)

...for the most motivational blogs that Bk Babe came across:
Soft Spoken
Simply Said

....for the most poetic blogs Bk Babe scrolled thru:
Me Crazy Me

.....for the longest blog that kept Bk Babe actually interested *whew*:
Luke Cage
Serial Dater
Humanity Critic
(can ya'll start shortin' ya'll shit! lol)

... for the most humorous blog that kept Bk Babe in stitches
Knock Out Zed
Chubby Chocolate
Humanity Critic
Monkey Bite

... for the most frequented West Indian Blog by BK Babe:
J Did
Small Island Girl

... for the hottest artist or comical icon pic Bk Babe admires:
Ali Babe
Danielle D's Krunk Corner
Brains N Booty
Monkey Bite

...for the bloggers who actually reached out on email and gave
Bk Babe a cool ass shout:
Luke Cage
Dee Dee
Princess Dom
AA (whoever you are lol!)

....lastly for the first to ever tag Bk Babe goes to:

Here's my tag answers on 5 random things about me:
The last movie I saw was Pride and Prejudice
I'm am endorsing Crest White Stripes!
Last night for dinner I did Thai
I just got a copy of Cold Play's new album from a co-worker
Today I'm going to be shoveling snow off my car.

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December 06, 2005
Kneck Deep In Thought
Today, comedy is not the remedy. Nope. Not at all. The flip side to a Sag, is either we extremely funny and direct; keeping humor in the middle of our names, or we're kneck deep in philosophical thought; getting our Erykah-Clapton-Cold-Play-Jonie-Mitchell on. Always thinking. Always contemplating next moves, phases, and evolution. Sure others sign can attribute to the same testimony, but to a Sag, it can be down right schizophrenic, when schemes and thoughts and, "what next" takes over; I think we invented A.D.D. life has got to be "hooked on phonics" interesting for me, if not, its just routine. I don't do routine (too well). Let other's tell it, I have accomplished a lot, let me tell it, I have not begun.
I often wonder will I ever stand still long enough to be happy "stopping and smelling the roses, routinely."

Then I had to completely honest with myself. I am happiest "moving;" (mentally and physically). I secretly crave to have a routine (with someone) but can it be a moving one?"
One can never stop evolving, I will never stop evolving. BUT,(and there's always a but) there are some things that I have not changed or moved on from because I tolerated it, from simple to complex here's my list of:

Things I have not changed because I have tolerated:
1. My schizo "neediness". I'm either a loner, or clingy. Help?!?!
2. My fear of committiment, I have been in some really great relationships, that I bailed on; fudged up and keep on the surface, what I say that whole "forever" thing scares the "guy" in me.
3. My sweet tooth, if I don't watch it, weight watcher will.
4. My income. (I've been decreasing in pay, but increasing in love for my jobs).
5. My wardrobe/energy. Its time for the gym again, I miss it (often).
6. My flaky friends.
7. My procrastination, I'm not quite the "on top it" person I aspire to be.
8. Late fees, I do so well, then slip.
9. Distance with my Dad, we have an estranged relationship.
10.Plaque. I dont see it, you don't see it, but my dentist see it, so I have been flossing "everyday."

I never do this taggin thing, but off the Blog Roll, I'm going to Tag: Organized, BQ, Zed, Pizzle and Chubby...
Go on tell the truth I DARE YOU...
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December 01, 2005
Washing Morals
You know universe? God? Creator? Budha? Shabba? Ma'am? Who ever you are, I got a complaint.... here I am pockets stretched while yet another bill takes me to the cleaners, and it doesn't have to be this way!

Why couldn't you make me a lil less moral-full! Do you know how many "can't-tell-my- momz" jobs that are out here that I could do and "NOT" get arrested?!?! Do you know how much I can make selling my "dirty drawers?"

Somewhere in Japan sits a-fist-of-the-North-Star-phanatic-sexually-repressed- extra-small-(I take that back, he might use to the pump, or had an inplant)- "small"- endowed-dude with a bowl of rice, vexed 'cause he can not get his Bk Babe daily "sweat-traction" fix. And here I am washing them, not as readily i no shamely admit Foiled Again!!! And to think yesterday I went jogging too, that would of definitely took the NASDAQ up some on the Dirty Drawers stocks. I'm in the wrong country. Bump USD, I want Yen!

I came across and actual ad the other day in the Voice, for a dude looking for these, come to find out, its not even the new thang, but the "been in" thang. In Japan they have dirty underwear vending machines???? Why can't I?!?! Picture it, a BK BABE dirty vending machine, thongs galore; it be "krunk" to, playing different songs, for each undie you picked.... I'd have "Akanele" and "Luke" in heavy rotation. I'd have Sisqo back topping the charts!
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