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August 24, 2005
Pinching Lint
I watched her. She walked into the shop and immeditately rushed over to item as if it was marked "Free Please Take." The speediness in her pace drew my attention to her, broke my own shop mode pace. To her dissappointment, the price was not right, as she put the item down quickly as if it were hot as coal, and burned her upon touch. I watched her continue this "too hot to touch" ritual, as she went from item to item. Pick up. Look at price. Put down. Pick up. Look at price. Put down. She started to annoy the f_k out of me. "Ureka" she found something... for $3.95, I heard her tell another friend, then I watched her go to the counter and pull a bill out of her pocket. It was apparently the only bill in her pocket, but she still "pinched it" as she was giving in to the sales lady, like she had more in her hand. This made me think, what the f_k esle could she be pinching "lint?" It was not her apparent frugal like nature that bothered me so... heck we all want good stuff for a cheap(er) price, or at wholesale cost, but for the fact, that there was NO quality to her frugal-ness. NO concern for the actually product she was purchasing... Its seems like she just wanted something for a cheap price, NO matter what. She then put me in mind of cheap people, who want to get over on you not matter what.
She instantly struck past in experiences with me, in cheap people whom I come across, you may know some them describe below:
The "Pinching Lint Shopping /Borrowing Buddy"
This is a friend that always wants to buy shit, hang out.. eat out, but has not money, so they ask you to buy, charge, or borrow. Here's my answer. How about. No. Go Diet. Go Vintage, and Go Salvation Army. Side Note: Oh and don't let them have habits, that you don't engage in like "smoking cigs" Ummmm I'm not giving you $10 of my hard earn money to support you nasty smelly clothes cig habit. But I will buy you the "patch" for xmas. The "Pinching Lint" Date:
This person offers to take you out, but has no real money, (and that's ok, be inventive, but don't offer me champagne taste on koolaid pockets) these type of people expect you to go dutch. My answer. Nope, sorry. How about, let's discuss those rules upon asking out, and not when the bill comes. "The Pinching Lint" Resturant Friend:
You may know this person very well. It's the friend that goes out to eat with you, (or you and a group) and they always forget to add tax and TIP. And you (and the group) are always coming up short, cause their "pinching lint ass" is always coming up short with their half of the bill. "The Pinching Lint" Gas Guzzler:
For all you drivers out there, you might feel me, when you have a friend or guy/gal who you may be seeing, who thinks nothing of it to hop in your car and go, because they think nothing of it to feel that b_tch up either. Mind you, these folks love the convenience of "YOUR" car, but are shocked if you ask them for gas money. Whoah. You soon to be drivers, you'll see. "The Pinching Lint" Utility User:
Now this is a person, mostly someone who you are dating, or a roommate (perfect example) who comes over to your house, and gets comfortable, and thinks nothing about the utilities you have to pay for, because they leave every f_kin thing on! And don't you dare ask them to pay a "therm" on that light bill, they look at you, like you're buggin, b/c they did not use that much light, gas, or hot water... My ass U didn't. Now these folks would not come to your house if you had no electricity, no gas, no hot water, there'd be no fun it that... well can same can be said, when you see your bill due to folks inconsideration, since a bill is NOT coming in their name. *Whew* I had to get that off my chess... when I saw that lady it was like an acid head, have flashback traces... cause, she reminded me of all the aforementioned, as I saw traces of them in her.
(That well, but soon learnedtheir ass was cheap)
or maybe, their in your family...
we all have some cheap (rich) relatives?!?!
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe8/24/2005 
  • At 24/8/05 5:30 PM, Blogger Maverick said…

    Just wanted to let you know that the "Making Love in the Rain" song is by Herb Alpert...thought that might help you if you were looking for it...

  • At 24/8/05 9:43 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    Thank Maverick

    You know I have that CD somewhere... period and can not find,... I could not recall the name but I use to play it on my radio show, closing out.

  • At 24/8/05 11:24 PM, Blogger MeCrazyMe said…

    all I have to say I hate Resturant the pinching lint resturant friend. If I have to go out and we pay for everything SPLIT THE DAMN BILL!! I can't stand someone who wants to see the bill so that they can calculate what they had....

  • At 25/8/05 12:05 AM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    LOL! Girl you and I can go out... I'm so with... and those kind of people, split it right down to the cents!

  • At 29/8/05 7:04 PM, Blogger MIZPOWDERPINK said…

    Hey BB!
    I feel ya, I have been dealing with Eve's mistake since I was 9...it has been a long road. The good thing is that I don't have to take prescribed pain killers for cramps anymore since I eliminated meat from diet.
    BTW..the morning hard on is no curse for me :-)

    smooches miz

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