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October 19, 2005
thoughts out of order
Thought 1 "Busy, Busy, Busy"

.....wow. who knew this freelance gig, would be so crazed......it's been a while where i actually worked a job where there is no time to even do "busy work" or goof off b/c I AM THAT BUSY!

I MISS GETTING MY BLOG ON!!! So much thoughts, no time, but soon enough.... just gotta coordinate (and get a new lap top)

.....there's so much that goes on just to make one film.....the people whom I working for are lovely disorgranzied bunch.....did I eat breakfast? Yes. Its lunch that looks like it will be skipped, dinner too.

Thought 2 "At Least"

....at least with all this running around, clothes are getting looser,

......at least i'll be re-visting the other side of my closet soon enough... just b/c I have "blossom" in my name does not mean literal!

Thought 3 "Got My Sexy On"

Sexy Boots. Sexy Skirt. Sexy Smile.

He better notice. It's been a while, but I looking fwd to seeing that 6'2" sexy man. 2 yrs is too long.

Thought 4 "I Declare"

i've decided, rather its been decided for me, that there is not time to give into horny lil temporary impulses, too much on the creative plate, and looks like my passion on the sexual side have been "nuped" which is good. I can focus on Benjamin(s) instead of Dick(s).

i've decided to be celibac (again), nothing out there excites me enough to give up and out the goods

(present guy included, which has super simmered, since i'm super busy)

i've decided that i have a new wine to add to my repetoire, "El Grigo" a nice spanish dessert wine, i had the other nite while out on the town, niiiiiiccccce!

Thought 5 " I Often"

i often wonder, if its only foriegn people with HEAVY accents that are saved, there the only ones yelling the "gospel" on the train.... and no one can seem to understand them? And their loud!

i often wonder if god ran out of faces, i see the people who could be "twins" to people i know all the time.

i often wonder if i'll one day live abroad, since its looks like I'll be working aboard next year... i know what i see, i'll be it.

i'm seeing so much right now, that's miss cleo should be calling me!!!!!

Do you out there, see yourself somewhere in your career, environment or mentally.

Just thought's popping....

Ta ta for now....

-Bk Babe

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe10/19/2005 
  • At 19/10/05 2:36 PM, Blogger Knockout Zed said…

    Good gravy, I'm glad you're still around.


  • At 19/10/05 4:50 PM, Blogger Msnhim said…

    Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear your so busy but aint nothin wrong with making that money.

    Stay cool.

  • At 19/10/05 5:35 PM, Blogger DIVA said…

    girl I have been busy too but not because I have been exercising my creative juices and been working my ass off. I am busy because I have running the streets. BOO HISS!! I have to write a story in the next 24 hours though so something has to give. YIKES!!


  • At 19/10/05 5:51 PM, Blogger Pizzle said…

    Girl, it's good to see you back, even if it's "out of order".


  • At 19/10/05 8:33 PM, Blogger Chubby Chocolate said…

    Welcome back BB...Congrats on the new gig.Glad to hear you're busy doing constructive things instead of checking out those gray pubes:-)

    I completely feel you on the street preachers with the heavy accents. There's a LOOOOUUUUD Mexican one that stands on this corner in the Castro (SF). Most of his words are hard to decipher and then you'll hear an occassional, "Faggot". It's hilarious, yet very intriguing.

  • At 19/10/05 9:38 PM, Blogger Rose said…

    Hey it's wonderful to have work but being that busy is such a bummer...

  • At 19/10/05 10:00 PM, Blogger sonyared said…

    Hey busy bee! It's good to be be busy...get' things and creative juices flowing, but take out some time at some point for you...I have a bazillion things going on and have to get everything in order.

  • At 20/10/05 12:14 AM, Blogger Campfyah said…

    Too much work make Bkly Babe a dull Blossom. But keep the creative juices flowing, it's good to see a sister making her mark in the world.

    Living abroad is a great experience. I've don so for most of my adult life.

  • At 20/10/05 9:52 AM, Blogger K said…

    "i often wonder, if its only foriegn people with HEAVY accents that are saved, there the only ones yelling the "gospel" on the train.... and no one can seem to understand them? And their loud!"

    you are killing me with this one lol!!

  • At 20/10/05 4:28 PM, Blogger princessdominique said…

    Girl that's cute, got your "sexy" on. LOL Rock it!

  • At 20/10/05 7:20 PM, Blogger courtneyelizabeth said…

    getcho sexy on girl! :)

  • At 21/10/05 8:26 AM, Blogger Danielle said…

    have a crunk weekend gurlie!!

  • At 21/10/05 11:12 AM, Blogger Deirdre said…

    Boots are hot this year...it's what's hot on the streetz...glad you are back chica!

  • At 21/10/05 4:45 PM, Blogger MeCrazyMe said…

    Girl stay sexy! But most important stay creative. As far as the DICK, staying away from that sometimes helps you to keep the focus (and sometimes not).

    Well I clearly see why we haven't hooked up yet. Well whenever your ready holla back lady...

  • At 21/10/05 7:57 PM, Blogger MIZPOWDERPINK said…

    Dag I was wondering where you were. "Working" is a good thing...happy for ya.

    Dick is Benjamin's enemy, they are harmonious only when you make Dick bring Benjamin with'em.....good choice.

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