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September 01, 2005
Phone Tone: Dum, dum Dum.
The Blogger you have reached
will be temporarily unavailable
Brooklyn Babe Blossoms
enjoys some much needed vacation time!
With all that's going on right now...
in her world and beyond....
She's needs it!
(Heck we'll all need it! and all expense paid one would be nice....)
Please leave a message at the sound of the "click"
she'd love to hear from you...
(but first we have to place you on hold for sec, play audio byte BELOW)
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe9/01/2005 
  • At 1/9/05 5:18 PM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    Folk don't forget to spare a buck or two to the folks who lost everything. Shit is getting hectic.
    Be safe Peeps!

  • At 1/9/05 6:01 PM, Blogger smallislandgirl said…

    Hi I was wondering what was going on with my link to you oh well now i have time to read thru your archives.

  • At 1/9/05 11:07 PM, Blogger Luke Cage said…

    Enjoy your holiday weekend dear.

  • At 1/9/05 11:45 PM, Blogger DIVA said…


    Girl I haven't heard that Missy song in ages. You know I was bouncing my little Diva tooshie off. Thanks for that!!!

    I am definitely writing a check to the Red Cross and I hope millions of others will follow suit. Our poor people in New Orleans are suffering the trials of Job and need our help. Just an awful mess that situation is. Just Awful!


  • At 2/9/05 9:57 AM, Blogger K said…

    enjoy your labor day!!

  • At 2/9/05 10:47 AM, Blogger Msnhim said…

    Enjoy your weekend...oh and I will be sending money as well for Katrina's survivors

  • At 2/9/05 11:13 AM, Blogger Echo said…

    Have a wonderful long weekend!

  • At 3/9/05 1:29 AM, Blogger HighMaintenanceHussy said…

    LOVE the audio post. I have to learn how to do this!

    Have a great Labor Day, hon. :D

  • At 4/9/05 2:23 AM, Blogger Deirdre said…

    Have a great vacation girly...:)

  • At 4/9/05 7:20 AM, Blogger obifromsouthlondon said…

    hello? hello? dude's there's no one at the end of the line!

    lol have a lovely vacation

  • At 4/9/05 11:04 AM, Blogger sonyared said…

    Hope u are enjoying your weekend, I'm bout' to...Peace!

  • At 5/9/05 10:21 AM, Blogger Cutie Cola said…

    Hey Miss Thang.....you will be missed girl.....enjoy your vacation!

  • At 6/9/05 10:49 AM, Blogger Ddot the King said…

    I hope you have/had a good vacation. I know I did. Well anyway I'm back so you can all rejoice!

  • At 6/9/05 11:39 AM, Blogger brooklyn babe said…

    Wassup Peeps! I'm still on VAC.. and decided I don't ever want to work again... if only Monks/Nuns were fashionable and trendy.... I'd join convent....

    anyhoo... I'll going to squeeze some rec "electronic" time to get my blog on PEACE

  • At 6/9/05 11:19 PM, Blogger coley said…

    Ok ummm excuse me BK babe... get your ass back from your vacation already! LOL!

    Girl you had me rollin with the audio post! Althought HC's voice isn't that deep! :~)

    p.s.. because you don't allow anonymous/other commenters I have to sign in under my old blog... But I think you know the new address.! Take care, Smooches!!!

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