I am from the Do or Die... Never Ran. Never Will. (Unless of course... they shootin') Easy!"
November 28, 2005
Everybody, Signal the Plane!
Jambo! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! Zdravstvuite.

Buon giorno! Konichiwa! Päivää! Sekoh!

Bom dia! God dag! Selamat pagi! Buna ziua!

Ba'ax ka wa'alik! Nazdar!

In other words:


Nothing to write about today, just shouting ya'll out...

"...whether 8 to 80, dumb, cripple, or crazy.."

(those are the lyrics of Big Daddy Kane, for ya'll "light" heads who don't know that one lol)

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe11/28/2005 
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