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November 19, 2005
Love in Silence (Edited)
Just sharing some of my works blog peeps; and fixing a typo or two...
if I don't get to post/pass thru ur blogs before the holidays,
I want to wish you all a safe, and "lite-as-possible" holiday....
I'll be bloggin' to ya....
Rap-a-tap-rap. Bang! Rap-a-tap. Bang! Bang!
He banged the floor with the edge of the table announcing his entrance in that of an exaggerated cave man manner. A devilish grin completing his Morse code style as he stood their in silence waiting for her acknowledgement.

She slowly turned around with a coy but curt smile ignoring his barbaric gestures; she swiftly threw his favorite academia editorial morning read at him.
Startled, he nearly missed her pass, as he searched her face to see if his animalistic actions had displeased her. Seeing no signs of conflict, he proceeded to sit down and indulge in his educational commentary fix.

Eloquently she picked up a plate all dressed in satisfying Saturday brunch trimmings.
Salmon Crocquets, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 cantaloupe slices, sliced strawberries with a dab of nutmeg vanilla fruit dip on the side; for him.
For her; she retrieved a nice vegetable souffle from the oven drizzled in cheddar cheese smothered with green peppers and onions, teased with slices of her favourite brand of "touferky" on the side.

She stamped her two feet in mimic of his barbaric Morse code, causing him to look up; she signaled with a nod of her head for him to come over to their breakfast nook that sat bathing in the afternoon sunlight. With eyes bright and fixed on the plate he disregarded his paper as if it was all stale news, and like a bull he charged towards his plate of edible pleasure.

As he sat down, she placed warm cinnamon toast; raisins pitted out for him, kept in for her, on his plate, the butter still melting into the crevices. Just as he was about to break bread, he gently took her waiting hands; as the two of them bowed their heads in silence to gave thanks, they both raised their heads in unison to feast.

As if struck with a thought he looked at her as if looking at her for the first time ever; all hunger placed on pause as he gazed into her eyes. Still no word spoken between the two, as their silence had a language of its own.
Puzzled she looked at him as he broke his stare and moved to action towards the fridge, coming back to the table with a concocted mix his fixed of Champagne, Mango Juice and a spritz of seltzer, she watched him masterfully cut the orange slices to adorn their glasses with.

"I thought we try something new." He signed with his hands.
"Funny, I thought we did that last night." She signed back; wiping fake sweat from her forehead.
A smile broke across both of their faces and they bowed their heads to feast and continue to love in silence.

Short Fiction "Love in Silence," S. Thorne, freelance writer for NAWS; Publisher October 1st 2005; series; prt MOOD SWINGS novella work Copyrighted (c) All rights resevered
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