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July 05, 2005
How Come???
Hey how come we didn't find this sh_t offensive as kids?!?!? Cartoons was pumped with so much blatant messages, its a wonder Warner Bros, is still in business, and not sued out the wazoo for such blasphme.
They were not lying when they say ignorance is bliss....
We however saw nothing but animated (proganda) fun.
Too be young and ignorant..... I tell ya In all my hood-wearing-west-indian-hairdo life, has my hair eva looked like this!!
And trust I had some horrific do's, (big plantation plaits, like a scene from the Color Purple) But never, nothing quite so offensive as the pick above?
And they didn't stop there... they kept blatant depictions going.... and alive
With such bullshit like "BUCKWHEAT." (Lil Rascal TV Show)
Albeit, buckwheat has a whole plethora of natural benefits to the body and health,
BUT (and there's always a but )
that's not how Buckwheat the character from the "L'il Rascals" got his name....
Oh no that would sound too much like nice.
Buck got his name cause...The outer shell (hull) of buckwheat is VERY HARD, and does not even soften after long hours of cooken. Funny how we're viewed, but to say is was intentional would be too "radical." And to take it a step further, check it
Buckwheat, is the darker of the wheat.
The more difficult to manage, in that the hull can be excessive and bitter unlike regular (lighter) wheat, which has a softer outside.
But does not share as many benefits or strength as buckwheat.
"If you don't know, now you know _______"
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/05/2005 
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