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July 04, 2005
Who knew!?!
Okay so folks have been doing this blog this for a minute now, call me old fashion, but what a friend couldn't hear or help me process over the phone, went in a journal. Or it was worked out in sweat at the gym, or drowned in an alcholic slumber after a few cocktails.Now I've arrived.I decided to do a "personal" journal, and invite only people whom I know to read, instead of stranger who would quite share in my experience(s) with a visual picture.Or don't know the sound of my voice, or my perverse sense of humor, "outsiders" can only decipher an impression of me, friends on the other hand they know, so this is who I am extending this out to right now.Come on guys and catch a day and a glimpse of some thoughts of me. OH FIRST I GOTTA MAKE SURE, I GOT THIS SH_T SET TO FRIENDS, AND NOT PUBLIC"HOLD TIGHT!"-Marsh
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/04/2005 
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