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July 12, 2005
Wow are we suppose to be soooo-ooooo-ooo impressed that the richest countries are meeting to discuss the most serious of Third World improvished/poverty issues???Hello should this not been on their discussion board ions ago instead of who scored under par, or made a birdie over the 38 acre golf course they tee off on.I mean who they fooling, its only cause elections are rolling around again... and MTV and BET is making more youngins aware that shit aint right in Africa and other Third World Countrie due the whole G8 robberies, in the first place.Shit aint been right, since they came in and stole all the diamonds (literally) out of the back yards of many African Villagers.... Side Thought: That must of been some kind of beautiful to wake up in the morning dew, just before the sun stretches, and see the glitter of diamonds amongst the soil in your backyards... from a night's digging in the mines.. Wow!No wonder (the REAL original) Cleopatra was draped in the finest richest, they were in her backyard... Let Elizabeth Taylor tell it, they were in hers (yeah STOLEN. Lol).... Shit aint been right, since they came in and claimed the coal, that were in the mines, belonging to this African ppl. Aint it funny, how all the resources that these big wigs made billions, excuse me trillions off of, came from Africa??? But yet the ppl of Africa live in the most inhumane of conditions. And in India, the home of the sweat shops, life is no better. What Walmart charges on a pair of sweat pants $12.99, is one week's salary over in India, for these poor sweat shop workers... aint that some shit!It really makes the heart sad. How do they sleep at night?I guess the same way many of us do, with a "tuned out" ear.... and the notion that that stuff is going on somewhere "over there...." and not in their/our own backyards...The way I see it all this "AIDE" they're going to be giving to Africa, is nothing but proceeds and profits due, from the shit they stole in the first place!!! GETTING OFF MY SOAPBOX.... (Spewing)
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/12/2005 
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