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July 15, 2005
U Gotta Luv Me, or Leave Me Alone....
All right. I'll give him another chance he's got to understand, I have no patience for the temperance of men. Pick an emotion and stick with it. Men can be the most schizophrenic of people, they literally do have compulsive disorders, and the compulsiveness either sways toward "attachment" or dissattachment" and your suppose to be patient in between. Fuck that. Who ever said love is patient, lied. And was a late bloomer. Or better yet, was not a fire sign. I am. And this ball of fire, will burn you either with charm or with the sting of her tounge. Pick one. He's lucky I like his ASS ( a lot). Lol.
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe7/15/2005 
  • At 6/8/05 11:09 AM, Blogger MVT said…

    You know what, I agree, men are schizophrenic.... and I always seem the get the extreme cases. Damm, I gotta up my game or something. LOL

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