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December 25, 2006
Just Peekin In...
I know I have not been here much, but sometimes one has to work on things...


Make a great one Bloggers (who still come by..)

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Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe12/25/2006  21 you don't say?
November 23, 2006
Does that make me Corky????
Disclaimer: We all have corky things that we do, corky ways in which we think, and corky habits that we've picked up and now own, so join me in raising an eyebrow as I share some of mine (don't worry, I x-plain myself... lol, as any corky person should do):


  • Clean (some) public bathrooms: - I got this "corky" habit from a "crazy" Ex... he would takes mounds of tissue or paper towels, and wipe down counters, and toilet seats and such, as well as pick up excess paper off the floor, and flush the "unflush", his notion, was that he didn't want ANYBODY to come into a stall, or go into the bathroom after him, and think "he" was the nasty one. You can find me now doing the same thing.... even taking loads of paper to wipe some wet floors with my foot.

  • RE-READ, & READ what I write: I am obsessed with what and how I write, what can I say, I'm on my own "proverbial" penmanship penis. I'm entitled, I typed it... lol!!!!

  • Eat Tuna Fish & Jelly: - This is a childhood thing, from a childhood friend who put me onto this one day, when we were STARVING as kids, and her house, was the hunger raid of choice. She made this concoction, there are some rules that apply, no bread, just crackers, and tuna must be mixed and seasoned, oh and the jelly must be GRAPE welches... (I feel for me pregnant) Hmmmm hmmmm "corky!"

  • Dip crackers in my Tea: - Soggy crackers, in sweet tea, ROCK!

  • Tap my leg to fall asleep: - I dunno know how to explain this one, but I got a lil cousin, that hits her head on the pillow to do the same thing! Lol!

  • Chills: - I suffer from them on the hottest of days, some might think I have a excessive compulsive disorder, lol.

  • Scratch Dandruff: - Mine and others, not everybody's but I love recieving and giving a good scalp massage, now it wasn't always this way, but my Mom had a friend, that as a child, use to FORCE me to take worms out of her ears, what I can say, the perversion grew.

  • Pick Up Litter Behind People: - I detest people who litter, and I will walk behind you, and pick it up behind you. Have I littered? Yes. And I have gone behind myself, and picked up something that I "consciously" threw out in the streets. I know I'm not alone....

  • Drink (Apple Cider) Vinegar & Garlic Raw: - It's good for you.

  • Save Sentimental Text Messages: - Love em, oh and I will RE READ, and READ those too! I know I'm not alone....

  • Not having Sex (again) until I get married:- Self explainatory. U want it. U Ring it! I know I'm not alone....

And Lastly, does it make me crazy, if I do not partake or share in the following SIX:

5} The BIG Thanksgiving LIE! (What do the Native Americans think about this day?) 4}The commerical side of Xmas that pumps its all about "how much you spend", we should be giving the gift of Love EVERDAY.... 3} The rhetoric many Evangelist Pastors are preaching in regards to support Bush, and this FAKE Faith Based Iniative, that David Kuo (Head of the Faith Committee, White House) left office over.. 2} Black History Month, the shortest month of the year... 1} And my biggest American crazy sentiment I don't share... is 2 week vacation, everyone should reap like the French, and enjoy SIX WEEKS!!!!

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe11/23/2006  21 you don't say?

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