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February 06, 2006
Returning Bk Calls
Message One:

Eye got your msg. It was great to hear your voice. You are sorely missed. I will not even click on your blog... heck I have not even been clicking on mine, lol (life calls... you know how it is). A short Pause for the Cause, because without a "cause;" we just living for nothing. So on that note. I admire you for going beyond just EXISTING... cause life is certainly worth living... SHINE BaBes.... we'll link up in the sun light.... wearing shades and all!

Message Two:

I'm not coming to see you. I don't want to sleep with you. (No you can not smell it, and no I will not "play with it" for you) So stop sleeping on the fact that we're through. Wake Up. I did.

Message Three:

You are soo silly. And the next time you shut off your phone. You betta tell me! Cause you know I have to keep my hoes in check, what kind of pimp would I be if I don't know where my (play) hoe is? Now speaking of which... Do you have my money? And was she good? Better yet, were YOU good, cause that's gonna cost you!

Message Four:

Hmmm, you're tricky, and hopefully your nosey enough to click on this blog, and wonder "is that me she's talking about?" Yes! I'm starting to feel you, and I think you like the chase, heck I think I'm feeling to run... but I think its an even exchange... you run smooth better than me; think its cause you're older lol..... you're so easy to talk to, motivational, a motivator like me needs that; craves it actually, shit can be so rough, just motivating yourself at times. Glad you got a plan and "walk in life" ... thank Godness, you pulled the plug on Friday; walking was just getting too sexy... now you put me in check, and back on reserve, you're reserveness GOT me going, I'll admit..... (I'm taking notes, lol) Good thing too, you almost got it. Even if you didn't want it. I did. Just a lil kiss... and a lot of tounge; who would it hurt.... (think you knew that, I even think the fact that you said your taking a break, made me mentally escalate, made my lips pulsate a bit more... *damn*). And I was about to put it on you, but since you bailed out on lunch... now my pot is on simmer. Too bad for you, my lip gloss was flavored. Bubble gum.

Message Five:

What am I going to do about you.... You often leave my panties in a bunch. Often time I want to take those same panties and stuff them down your throat! How's that for kinky?! Punk.

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe2/06/2006 
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