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February 12, 2006
Not the Doors!!!!

A voice from behind the door insisted.

"Un momento." A voice yelled back.

"Quienes?" A voice asked, now closer to the door.

"I said Who is it? Who's there!"

Father Pepe looked through his peep hole with intense curiosity to see who was demanding he open up his door in the middle of day; a door he usually kept open; unless he was sipping some communion wine, no one knocked during those times anyway. He often felt a little guilty that while the congregation was drinking the little pre package grape juices during communion, he was steady sipping on the hard stuff; then he reasoned after some of the confessions he heard, he needed the hard stuff! Still peeping through the hole, he confirmed it was Pedro, a local Spanish homeless pimp and part time hustler. He had been seeking counsel from Father Pepe for some time now, and had just began to make progress.


"THEY SNATCHING DOORS FATHER !" Pedro repeated in English, this time sobbing uncontrollably into the reluctant arms of Father Pepe. He then went and nervously locked back the cathedral heavy door with much haste, then took out a brand new lock out of his pocket and small drill and began to assemble it swiftly.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Father Pedro asked wearily, he was completely annoyed, that his liquid moment had been disturb.

"FATHER?!?!?" Pedro looked at him with much confusion, for he knew that the father sipped but he didn't know he got bent too.

"I'm sorry son, just got through hearing a murder confession, and I had to let the summaofbitch walk. Adios mios, oh dear, forgive me Pedro, I'm human too, now back to you son, what in the St. Francis are you doing?" Father Pepe asked, much more subdued, but still agitated.

"Mida, it's all on the TV. The whole world is going to hell, everywhere doors are being taken off of houses, not one door left, the neighborhoods are in a state of chaos. Have you not seen this father, have you not heard all the commotion outside?"

He had not, for his afternoon cocktail had him always knocked him out from hearing anything, not even his own deafening snores, that whne he sobered often woke him up. Now as he listened carefully to the sounds outside, they confirmed Pedro's state of panic. He heard people yelling, sirens going, babies crying, sounds of construction, drilling, and more yelling.

He looked at Pedro, who stood with Father listening to the pandemic going on outside, nodding an "I told you so" at Father Pepe. Suddenly, as if a whistle blew to remind break was over, Pedro quickly went back to the cathedral door and started to assemble the lock..... Father Pepe, as if fire was under his feet, went to turn on the TV to see if anything was being broadcast to fill in all the blanks of panic which were now entering his still sobering mind.... what he saw left him still in total disbelief that this could occur in the land of the free.... it made him wondering why he even went it to preisthood in the first place, as he watched with his mouth open, in a total state of panic, fear and shock...

(to be continued.....very soon, I promise..)
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe2/12/2006 
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