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March 14, 2006
Those Nosey Tags! (Updated)
I missed one... Oops. And added a lil mo'

You know I've have not had a "bloggin bug" in a minute.... it was conflicting with my new year "productive bug" and mid year "procrastinating bug" so bloggin took, and will still take a cruise control weekend back seat. I do however do random "Blog-Bys" and pulling up into Zed Munkee blog hood, he shot me.

Bastard. Lol.

Accent - Strictly "Sty" (Bed-Sty that is)

Bra size - Suckable. (Who made this test? A lesbo, or a dude?, where's "cock size" huh?????)

Chore I hate - Washing Dishes. I am Paper plate of endorser. Just discoved I hate folding clothes too, and the floor will not help me out either. Damn floor.

Dad's name - Dad

Essential make-up - Shimmer Gloss

Favorite perfume - Hanne Mori (I prefer oil, favorite all is on called: "Sagittarius" go figure)

Gold or Silver? - Silver

Hometown - Bedsty Brooklyn

Insomnia - Last Month, something serious. Now I have problems in the reverse. "Late-sonmia"

Job Title - Editor (Film) working on part-time writing deal, may not pay though... I dunno

Kids: None yet. I used to be antsy, now I let God tell me when; I think I'm still repenting from my 4 birds I killed. Hey they didn't come with instruction, and how did I know they couldnt take HEAT. They were tropical!

Living Arrangement - Depends on the State, and State of Mind.

Mom's Birthplace - Barbados W.I.

Number of Sexual Partners - Mentally, I've done many "well." Too many too count. Just did an unsuspecting character on the train this morning. He was sleeping; and didn't even dream me coming.

Overnight Hospital Stays - only one SERIOUS stay, some 10 yrs ago.

Phobia(s) - Drunk People vomitting on me. ; Update: I forgot to mention I don't like people inside animal costume either, they weird me out, like what are they doing in their. I remember being 17 at Disney World and still freaked out.

Quote - "If you don't know, now you know.... (African)" - Biggie Smallz

"Deez." (Makes me wish I had nutz. Just to say: "Deez."

Religion - Staying Positive and Hearing a Positive Word.

Siblings - 2

Two I'm tagging - ROSE, AND DEE-DEE....

Unnatural hair colors I've worn - Blond Jamaican Style "Dibby Dibby" weave.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - not a big Yam or Sweet Potato lover if that counts.

Worst habit - Booga Picking.... hey you asked for worst right? And if I don't pick it, who will?

X-rays I've had - Catscan.

Yummy foods I make - Baked Chicken, Stuffin and Okra, last night. This weekend think I'm going to make a nice spinach lasgna with homemade garlic bread, oh who am I kiddin, it'll be frozen bread made at home.

Zodiac sign - Sadge Rising; Aquarius Moon; Taurus (sumptin in me, I forgetz, I had a chart done once).

Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe3/14/2006 
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