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February 27, 2006
If Anybody Got me Open....
It was her.

My dear friend Yasin, first introduce me to her. Some ions ago. He said:
"If you want something new, try her, she's dope, and you will not be able to get enough of her. Look no further."

He's was sooooo right.

I sweated her at every turned, seeked her out, read up all on her, couldn't wait to meet her.
She inspired my pen to take flight to mental destinations unknown. Just in reading the way she spit, I knew I had found a literary home (in her).

No one. And I mean NO ONE. Could touch the spin she places, in her scribes.

Octavia Butler

you got me open.

And when I write, it is through your EYES!

You will be SERIOUSLY missed.
How esoteric of you, to close out the calendar marked commencment of

With your finale writ.

Bk Babe is not taking this one easy, guess we kind of look at certain figures in our lives to be immortal.......

May your soul be at eternal peace. And if you are out there still writing, man I can wait to see how you spit the next level.......
Octavia I'm dedicating this page to you...
See you, when I see you
FOR THE REST OF YOU.... WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR (If you've been paying attention you'll know mine...)
Sssh! she's writing.. brooklyn babe2/27/2006 
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